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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why Should Every Uttarakhandi think about Uttarakhand Branding?

Uttarakhand Place Branding -1  
                                          Why Should Every Uttarakhandi think about Uttarakhand Branding?
(Notes on Branding a Indian State, Branding a Himalayan Province, Place Branding for Uttarakhand, Branding of Places of Uttarakhand, Place Branding for Kumaun, Place Branding for Garhwal)

                                                            Bhishma Kukreti

                         Today, in the era of globalization, around the world, each village or metro of each region is competing with each other directly or indirectly. The common men should also know  that every village of Garhwal or Kumaun is busy in competing thousands of villages around the world for getting development investment, for better employment for its inhabitants (there in Garhwal-Kumaun or  migrated ones), for tourist attraction, for creating value, for inward workforce or for migration, wealth, attention  and in many arenas.   For example, there are hundreds of villages in the queue across the globe for getting a pie of aid from an international NGO. Today, an African village may be competing a Kumauni village for New Zealand tourists who want to spend a month in remote village.  There may be indirect completion among Chinese, Jamaican , Garhwali or Cuban villages in getting aid from World Bank for water resource development.
               When there is completion there is need for branding. When there is global completion there is need of professional marketing and branding. When there is indirect completion among villages across the earth there is need of perfect place branding. Today, place branding is the key for success of every place.
                       Benefits of Place Branding in Context of Uttarakhand
                  There are many benefits of place branding in context of Uttarakhand branding.
1-Sharing world wealth:  Goswami Tulsi Das told that ‘Veer bhogya vasundhara’ that brave people enjoy the world wealth. Every day, there is new wealth in this earth and every Uttarakhandi has right to enjoy this wealth by ethical means. Place branding is the best medium for getting share of world wealth.
2-Export and import of talent: Migration is important aspect of globalization. The migration has two dimensional aspects- incoming migration and outgoing migration. If there is value in the name of Uttarakhand, Uttarakhand will be able for exporting talent at higher value and will be able to get better import of talent too.
3- Uttarakhand requires export of its different produces at higher values that Uttarakhand get revenues. Place branding is the best technique to export the products at higher values.
4- Uttarakhand requires continuous investment from inner prospects, Indian prospects and foreign prospects for its development. Place branding is the best criteria to inspire investors from Uttarakhand, Indian investors outside Uttarakhand and foreign investors for investment in Uttarakhand.
5- Attracting visitors: There are two types of visitors for Uttarakhand - the migrated Uttarakhandis that they visit Uttarakhand regularly and other visitors (Indian and International visitors). To attract both types of visitors, Uttarakhand requires strong branding for attracting both types of visitors. Place branding is solution for attracting visitors.
6- Better Import- Better import is an essential aspect for developing any place. Place branding is a criterion to get better import.  
7-Playing a part and Indian and world affair: Uttarakhandis should know that when a place as Uttarakhand plays a great role in India and world affairs it will get more benefits. Place branding is a source of entering into right circle in India and other parts of world.
8- Reputation- Bright reputation is criteria in getting all the benefits. Place branding creates a reputation for any place as Uttarakhand. The citizens get respects and recognition by place branding.
9- Enhance civic pride: by place branding practices, Uttarakhandis (local or migrated ones) enhance self esteem and self esteem is essential aspects of manpower development.
10- Higher return on investment- Place branding is always helpful in getting higher return on investment.
11- Improving life style of Uttarakhandis- Place branding is always helpful in improving the life style of inhabitants.
12- Enhance business Climate- Uttarakhand requires a world class business climate. Place branding is the only source for creating world class business climate in the state.
              The professional place branding for Uttarakhand will get increased effectiveness and efficiency for developing Uttarakhand. Place branding for Uttarakhand will bring many unexpected benefits to its stakeholders including migrated Uttarakhandis.

Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti
Notes on Branding an Indian State, Branding a Himalayan Province, Place Branding for Uttarakhand, Branding of Places of Uttarakhand, Place Branding for Kumaun, Place Branding for Garhwal to be continued….
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