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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Parivartan: A Garhwali Social Theme Drama

Hundred Years of Modern Garhwali Drama

                       Parivartan: A Garhwali Social Theme Drama  

(Review of Parivartan a Garhwali drama by Ishwari Datt Juyal)
(Garhwali Dramas, Kumauni Stage Plays, Dramas of Uttarakhand, Himalayan Dramas)

                                             Bhishm Kukreti

                     In all the era, social theme is always there in the dramas. In real sense, the initiation of modern Garhwali poetry started first quarter of twentieth century. Most of the Garhwali poetries are about social development and eradication of in human social customs. The poetries of this age are preaching oriented.  The reason was quite obvious that the Indian culture is such that the educated and knowledgeable person has to preach the society. That is why in most of the Indian languages, the initiating literature is about preaching and idealistic features.
              In Garhwali drama circle too, the initial dramas are with the objectives of teaching the society and development of the society as a whole.
            Parivartan drama by Ishwari Datt Juyal (Khetu, Khatali, Pauri Garhwal, expired in 1969 in Sahranpur) is also about social theme and eradication of social wrongs happening in the society. Ishwari Datt was with Indian Railways at Karachi before independence and he publishedParivartan drama in Karachi in the year 1934
             Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna remarked about the drama by Juyal,” The dialogues, language and screenplay are marvelous in this social drama- Parivartan”.  The dialogues are mixture of Hindi and Garhwali and are the source of bringing involvement of the audience.
         The following is an example of dialogues in the drama Parivartan by Ishwari Datt Juyal –
A-Mausa Ji! Hamku ayan bhaut din huya hain. Tu to badaa aadim hai hamkun thai milne ko bhi nai ayaa
B- Aajkal bhai Ji Karachi ma fukafat machyan hai
             Hari Datt Bhatt appreciated the sharpness of language.
               The story is about the migrated Garhwalis and Garhwali village. Due to migration, the changes were taking place in Garhwal not only in physical dimensions but in the thought processes of migrated Garhwalis and Garhwalis in the village too. The drama writer Ishwari Datt Juyal was able to show these changes and the struggle or conflicts happenings because of changes.
     Ishwari Datt Juyal was able to mirror the society of his time inParivartan drama.
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