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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bhoot Mantra from Ravayeen region of Garhwal

(Notes on Indian Folk Mysterious Literature, Himalayan Folk Mysterious Literature, Kumauni Folk Mysterious Literature, Garhwali Folk Mysterious Literature, Folk Mysterious Literature from Ravaeen region of Garhwal)
                                                      Bhishm Kukreti

                              Ravayeen region comes under western part of Uttarkashi a valley between Yamuna and Tons rivers. Yamnotri a pilgrim place is situated in the area of Ravayeen.
                     Bhoot mantra is very common in India. Dr. Naudiyal provides the following Bhoot mantra from Ravayeen region.
                       The mantra is not a Garhwali language mantra at all. The reason is that Nathpanthi sages and preachers initiated Mantra concept in Garhwal from sixth century. Nathpanthi preachers from sixth century to fourteenth century were from Braj, Rajasthan and Punjab regions. That is the reason that most of the mantras in Garhwal and Kumaun are in Braj, Rajasthani or mixed languages.
  Secondly, it is clear from following mantra that the mantra is based on Sankhy Yoga (auto suggestion principle as you find in Shrimad Geeta and Mahageeta  ). The subject of story or spiritual subject is usually based on the story line of Lord shiva or his worshippers because Nathpanth is based on Shaivism. It is also found that these mantras are also found in Shavri Mantra Pothi.
 रवाईं क्षेत्र में भूत भगाने का मंत्र
(मूल संकलन करता , डाजगदीश ( जग्गू ) नौडियाल

भगूती माता भगूती पिता , कौन आणी कौन जाणी
गुरुजा माता ने आणी , पार्वती माता ने जाणी
अटे - जटे गुरु-गुरु को नाथ , कहाँ लगाऊं
अंग में लगाऊँ निलथापू माथे पे लगाऊँ
फूल मन्त्रे हिंसार वाचा पड़ी डाग मन्त्रे , भूत मन्त्रे
पिचास मन्त्रे निकट नहीं आवे
(इस मंत्र को सात बार मंत्र करें )

सन्दर्भ - डाजगदीश नौडियाल , उत्तराखंड कि धरोहर

Notes on Indian Traditional Mysterious Literature, Himalayan Traditional Mysterious Literature, Kumauni Traditional Mysterious Literature, Garhwali Traditional Mysterious Literature, Traditional Mysterious Literature from Ravayeen region of Garhwal to be continued….

Copyright@ Bhishm Kukreti