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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bhari Bhul’: A Social and Philosophical Garhwali Drama

History of Drama
History of Indian Dramas
History of Uttarakhandi Dramas
History of Garhwali Dramas
Hundred Years of Garhwali dramas
      Bhari Bhul’: A Social and Philosophical Garhwali Drama
                    (Review of a Garhwali Drama ‘Bhari Bhul’ by Jeet Singh Negi)
                                    Bhishm Kukreti

             Critics as Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna and Dr. Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal had been partial for not providing the deserved recognition to Baldev Prasad Sharma (Rami Baurani) and Jeet Singh Negi (Tu Holi Veera unchi nisi dandyun ma) for developing Garhwali poetry. These poets have influenced the modern Garhwali psych. However, critics did not name the era as Baldev Prasad Sharma era or Jeet Singh era.
                Same way, much was talked about Chatak or Bahuguna for their contribution by many as if they transformed the modern Garhwali drama. Even Dr Anil Dabral provided more pages to Bahuguna and Chatak than Negi. Nobody can deny their contribution in developing intellectualism in Garhwali drama but from staging point of view Chatak and Bahuguna were not the masters. However, in real sense, after independence, Jeet Singh Negi is who developed Garhwali stage in cities where Garhwalis were migrated.
                 In fact Jeet Singh Negi dominated Garhwali stage more than thirty years. The period from the Panthari era ends starts Jeet Singh Negi era. Since, Jeet Singh Negi infused his own songs in the drama and intellectual critics did not provide Negi his dues except Dr Sudharani provided full credit to Jeet Singh Negi for his contribution in Garhwali stage play world. Dr Sudharani provides credit to the overwhelming success of ‘Bhari Bhul’ drama by Jeet Singh Negi for the entry of Lalit Mohan Thapliyal into Garhwali drama world.
           Jeet Singh Negi staged an audience oriented stage play ‘Bhari Bhul’ around 1955-1956 in Dehradun and published it in 1957. This mile stone drama ‘Bhari Bhul’ was staged in Mumbai, Delhi and in other many cities. Audience appreciated this blockbuster lyrical drama.
           Blockbuster lyrical drama   Bhari Bhul’ has two acts and eleven scenes.
                  The lyrical, morality oriented and philosophical drama is about conflicts between for earning money or doing social activities through ethical means and earning or taking social activities through unethical means.  Jaggu is the son of a rich contractor. Instead of taking interest Jaggu takes interest in social causes. Hari Singh is a social worker and takes the job of building a school in village. The philosophy of Hari Singh is to collect money through ethical means for building the school. Jaggu also wants to help the society but wants to collect money by unethical means.  Hari Singh becomes angry on Jaggu for deceptively, Jaggu wedding an old man with forty year old man for money sake.  Hari Singh shouts on Jaggu and in retaliation, Jaggu leaves the social work and goes to city for taking contract jobs.
                    Jaggu becomes addicted for alcohol drinking, womanizing, gambling and other harmful habits. Due to these activities, Jaggu loses his father’s property. His mother dies and father becomes insane due to shock. Hari Singh calls Jaggu to village where Jaggu sees the worsening condition of his wife in village and Jaggu realizes the result of his misdeeds.
                             There are songs and dacnes  in the drama to express the emotions and they are woven successfully that they become the source of speed in the drama.
                  The dialogues in the drama are in normal conversational ways and are effective in engaging the audience.
Jaggu- dada! Aaj mero jyu kakhdi kahnau bulnu ch. Ek kakhdi mai diyaali !
Gayalu(hukka chhodik)- n-n-n khabardar kakhdyun nau na lhe ikh, nithar min twe paili gaali dianan
“ buba ..! par meri bwarin ky khoye. Min t pap karye , logunk swagvanti bwaryun ka patyun ma sut byaj leki karjaa deya, ar oo karjaa chukana ban pardesh ma lapata hwe gaini . mi t oon swagvanti byaryun k sarap ch lagnu . par meri bwari kilai ch mera kayun ko fal bhugtani .”
     Jeet Singh Negi wrote dialogues for ‘Bhari Bhul’  drama of daily uses as criticizing others, false appreciation, sadness, enthusiasm, illusion, sating, laughing, contentment etc.
   Jeet Singh Negi has been successful in developing characterization and each character impresses the audience.
               The drama ‘Bhari Bhul’ is definitely a popular class drama and overwhelming response of audience for this drama paved the way for encouraging dramatists as Lalit Mohan Thapliyal, Hari Datt Bhatt Shailes, Damodar Prasad Thapliyal to enter into Garhwali drama world. ‘Bhari Bhul’ is the drama which created the audience for Garhwali drama in cities as Delhi and Mumbai.
              Bhari Bhul’ by Jeet Singh Negi is a mile stone in the history of Garhwali drama world.
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Copyright@ Bhishm Kukreti
History of Drama, History of Indian Dramas, History of Uttarakhandi Dramas, History of Garhwali Dramas, Hundred Years of Garhwali dramas to be continued…..