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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thali Nrity-Geet: An Adventurous Garhwali Folk Saucer Dance and Song

 (Garhwali Folk Dance-Song, Uttarakhandi Traditional Dance-Song, Himalayan, Indian Folk Dance-Song)
Bhishm Kukreti
              The human ancestors were adventurous in finding new territories but were adventurous in innovating adventurous dances too. The saucer dance is an adventurous dance-song sequence. Many ethnic groups all over world dance and sing on saucers.
   In Garhwal, Thali dance is very interesting among all dance-songs . The dance-song is performed many times on the occasions of Republic day in Delhi
  In Minangkabau community, the saucer dance is very popular and is called ‘Tari Piring’ by the community. The ‘Tari Piring’ is invented by agrarian influences.
 In Sumazau dance of Sabah nation of Malaysia, people hold a small saucer with candles on it and dance enthusiastically.
  The Rakhien people of West Burma dance with earthen oil lamp and somehow similar to Thali nrity of Garhwali and both are devotional dance-song.
  Ghamzegi or Quandegi dance of Afghanistan is also similar to Garhwali Thali dances except that in Afghani dance, the performer (woman) hold cup and saucer filled with water on palms and dance backward till she touches the ground. This is very thrilling experience for the audience.
   In Nalbeki dance of Azerbaijan, the women dance with saucer and Nalbeki dance is performed by women only  
                       Garhwali Thali or Saucer Folk Dance-Song
                   Dr Shiva Nand Nautiyal states that the Thali dance came into existence at the time of emerging Deepak Dance-song in Garhwali culture. If we watch the worshipping sequences by Rawals in Badrinath and Kedarnath, the Rawals waves lamps (Jot) as if Rawal s dancing and lamps are also dancing. In Gnagotri and Jamnotree Pooja , pilgrimages keep earthen lamps on their waving hands and then worship for hours . In KinkleshwarMahadev Pooja in November at Shrinagar, the devotees keep earthen lamps on their hands for hours.
  There is no restriction on the numbers of dancers for Thali Nrity-Geet and there is no such restriction of genders. However, usually, the Thali dance-Song is performed by female dancers.
             The dancers start the dance by body dance before taking saucers on hands. Then after, the dancers take the bronze saucer on their palms and dance in circle or other sequences. In second, stage, the dancer/dancers dance with saucer on the opposite side of palm. In last stage, the dancer takes saucer on the middle finger and dance with various sequences. The dancer waves the saucer on finger while dancing.
  In some case, the dancer takes another stage of dancing on the edges of deep saucer.  In most of case, the dance is similar to Bharta Natyam.  
  There is no fixed rule for the songs to be sung for the Thali nrity or Saucer dance. Usually, love, romantic or songs of agile or enthusiasm in nature are sung along with dance by the singers sitting nearby dancing sequences by dancers.
 The song is very figurative and many interesting images emerged from the phrases of the following folk songs for saucer dance of Garhwal. In this song the creator narrates and appreciates all the actions of his beloved ones
          थाळी नाच-गाण (थाली लोक नृत्य गीत )

हुंगरा लागौन्दी भग्यानी , नाकै की नथुली
हुंगरा लागौन्दी भग्यानी , नाकै की नथुली
जूनी सी मुख तेरो
चमकद इनी जनी
दूध सी धुईं रात
छै जांद जन पूनो
मोती  दांत तेरा
हिलांदी नाथुली
हुंगरा लागौन्दी भग्यानी , नाकै की नथुली
 मोटा होंठ तेरा
हिसुरी गोंद जन
 बिंदी इन लगदी
जन बदली बीच जून
जब तू खित्त हौसंदी
जब तू मुल्ल हैंसदी
चमकद दांतूड़ी
हुंगरा लागौन्दी भग्यानी , नाकै की नथुली
तेरो सौंल़ू रंग
तेरो छड़बड़ो गात
जै दिन बटे देखी भग्यानी
ह्व़े गे बक्की बात
जब तू ठुम्म हिटदी
जब तू मट्ठू हिटदी
हिलांदी फांकूड़ी
हुंगरा लागौन्दी भग्यानी , नाकै की नथुली
चूड़ी बजदीं छम
जब तू जांदी धाणी
बौणु गुंजणी रैंद
तेरी सुरीली बाणी
गाती रोपीं रैंद
कमर रोपीं रैंद
छुणक्याळी दाथड़ी
हुंगरा लागौन्दी भग्यानी , नाकै की नथुली

References: Dr Shiva Nand Nautiyal Garhwal ke Lok Nrity Geet
Copyright @ for narration -@ Bhishm Kukreti