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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Raghuvir Singh Rawat ‘Ayal’: A poet of realism and satire

Critical and Chronological History of Modern Garhwali (Asian) Poetry –-70
                    Literature Historian:  Bhishma Kukreti
        Raghuvir Singh Rawat ‘Ayal’ was born in Ayal village, Padalsyun of Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Rawat expired in 2011.
 Critics appreciated his poetry collections ‘Guthyar’ and ‘He Guthyar’
      Raghivir Singh Rawat   ‘Ayal’ is more famous for his adding ‘Guthyar’ word (chauk, Courtyard) in the last line of his Garhwali poetry.  Though Ayal is versatile poet, but was famous for his sharp satire and attacking on our social, political or cultural behavior. The poem attacks on policies makers and then taking advantages of those policies through encroaching other’s rights. The use of figures of speech by phrases makes the poem timeless.
   Rawat uses common phrases for making poetries enjoyable, easy for understanding and comforts for readers. He adopted newer style as dandriyal et all adopted.
 The following poem is an example of his attacking on social behavior and his power of vocabulary

बण गैनी नियम
चल गेन रिवाज
 गेन अगनै
सबी टिप्वा
बुगठया बाज
चौर्याँळु दगडि मिली
कछम्वळि गबंळै
भोरी पेट
अर बचीं खुचीं
बोट्यूँ तैं ली गैनी
अपड़ा हुणत्यळा
छौला कू
हमरा पल्ला पड़ी
सिरप किराण
ऐंस्या रैग्या हम
हमरी घिमसाण
लगी टपराँण
कि बाबा आलो
हडगी ल्वतगी
कुछ  लालो
पळयाण ह्व्ला दांत
पैनाणा ह्व्ला हत्यार
ये गुठ्यार

Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti Mumbai; 2016
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