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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Garh Gitika: A Garhwali Poetry Collection of varied colors and tones

Critical and Chronological History of Modern Garhwali (Asian) Poetry –-72 A
                    Literature Historian:  Bhishma Kukreti

     Balwant Singh Rawat is a famous name among Uttarakhandis in Chandigarh as social worker, as stage planner and implementer. He was also involved with D D Sundariyal for promoting Garhwali dramas in Chandigarh and arranged staging more than twenty Garhwali dramas in Chandigarh besides arranging Garhwali cultural programs. He was devoted Garhwali dramatist as lyric writer, director and performer too.
  Born in Jamari ( Khatali, Pauri Garhwal) in 1935,  Balwant Singh is also well known figure for creating   Garhwali language poetries and he was awarded twice by Punjab Government for his creation of poetries.
     His collection of Garhwali language poetries “Garh Gitika” was acclaimed by critics and readers with same respect.
  There are nineteen poems in Garh Gitika by Balwant Singh .
 Every reader will like this stanza, wherein Rawat says that since, he is not Badshah Shahjahan who could built Tajmahal, he will offer an unique  present to his mother land that is  Garh Gitika a collection of Garhwali verses.
Chuni rain phool kab bati preeti ka
Rang nyara chhai preeti ki riti ka,
Savannah hundo !me bi banado mahal--
Kavi chhaun ‘bhent’ kardu ya  “Garh Gitika”
Stuti: is the poem of praying Sarswati and Laxmi as for any huma being knowledge and resources are equally important
Jagran: As the name suggests Jagran is about awakening long poem for the Garhwali society 
Dunya dyakha, afu tain pachhyana 
Tumaro nam karnu chhaun uchyana 
Khud:  khud is a memoir of Garhwal by a migrated Garhwali who left his village in childhood in search of job for making his family prosperous. Balwant tries to make it pathos. “Khub huin che “ is also of same pattern of poem
Jeewan Ek Paheli , mi Bhagwan ni chhaun  is philosophical poem and somehow preaching poem too
Ansu peen chandu is a poem of  pathos rapture and a life sketch of poet making pattern
Kilai runi rai tu poem is a love poem and “Mi Unthain pyar kardu”,  Bhatuli, “Mi Thain Bhulaik Rwala” , “Unku Viyog“, “Ansu‘, ‘Tab samjhali ’ are  sad love poems 
 ‘ darama hunu cha” is a poem based on badi- badan style lyric and well written by Rawat 
 Ja Garhwal  is an inspiring poem for reverse migration 
Garh ek parichay is description of geography and society of village of poet jamali (khatali), while hamro Desh is praise of Garhwal area
  Rawat does not believe in experimentation and his style of poems are based on conventional poetry, chaunfala, badi badan styles .
  Rawat stresses on more on emotions, spontaneity, preaching, idealism, naturalism, existentialism and does not touch at all to new form, expressionism, surrealism, romanticism, neo classicism.
 Rawat used the symbol, images, proverb , figures of speeches all from Garhwal.
  The language of all poems is simple and understandable by normal Garhwali .Most of the poems are in lyric form and enjoyable
  Conclusively, the poems of Balwant Singh Rawat are the poems written by a migrated Garhwali in memoir of his motherland, which is far away from him
Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti Mumbai; 2016
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