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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Friday, August 5, 2016

I Like My village, My Villagers Fond of Village and all Love Urban Life

(Memoir of My Childhood)
                   Humor by:  Bhishma Kukreti
                It is difficult to forget your village, I always remember my village of my childhood but it is difficult to stay in village.
       When I was studying in fourth standard the teacher instructed for preparing an easy on my village school that to be told verbally before the whole class.
        I wrote the essay on a flat stone of my courtyard by a piece of wood coal that I can remember the easy. Paper was a luxury in 1959 as precious luxurious as black pepper and sugar.  I wrote the easy on the flat stone of my courtyard and by noon everything was wiped out by human walks on the stone. However, my memory of that easy never wiped fully, wholly and a few lines are still in my mind. What I wrote on the stone that was said before the class in school too-
      Though, India is an agriculture country still we like our village. Though, villagers ask for the development from the government still villagers like their villages.
       Every child (means male child) in my village goes to school for study that he becomes Latsab (Lord Sahib). We village child don’t go to school for getting knowledge or being more civilized but go to school that we would become Latsab one day. Every parent tell to their child before sending to school first time that they are sending him to school that one day he becomes Latsab. Every time, parents and old generation remind the student that he has to become Latsab. I tell you the dialogues between me and my grandma about my schooling.
   Once, my grandma was reminding me that my ultimate aim of schooling was becoming Latsab.
I asked my grandma about Latsab.
I asked, “Grandma! How does Latsab look like?”
She answered,” Chhwatu! Latsab are white men, very strong and I never could see Latsab in my life.
I asked,” How does Latsab walk?”
Grandma said,” Your grandpa told me that Latsab does not walk, he always travels on horse but your grandpa never saw Latsab.”
I further enquired,” Grandma! What does Latsab eat?
Confusingly she answered,” Perhaps Latsab are non vegetarian, eat meat and does not like Garhwali food at all. Your great grandma informed me many times. Very sad, your great grandma and great grandpa never had chance to see a Latsab.”
I asked, “Why are you bent to make me Latsab?”
She said, “Latsab always rides on the horse, he always shouts on his subordinates and he uses bad words for villagers.”
I said, “But for that matter, Padhan (Landlord) also uses bad words for villagers.”
She explained,” No! No!  Padhan is not as powerful as Latsab.”
I asked,” How?”
She said,” Latsab never lives in village; Latsab has a big house in city. Latsab sends money order for his family to his village.”
I asked,” So you send me to school that I become a Latsab.”
She answered, “Definitely, we are sending you school that after completing your education you become Latsab, live in the big city and send Money order for  us.”
 Though, India is an agricultural country , we love our villages but we all village children  have to go school that one day we become Latsab, we will live in city and we will  live in Big House in the city. We go to school that we become Latsab and send money order to our grandparents and parents from the city.
4/7/2016, Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti
Satire, humor by a Garhwali writer; Satire, humor by a Garhwali writer born in village; Satire, humor by a Garhwali writer grew in village; Satire, humor by a Garhwali writer studied and stayed in cities ;