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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Friday, August 5, 2016

Dr. Uma Shankar ‘Satish’: Portrayer of Garhwali Village Life in Garhwali Poems

Critical and Chronological History of Modern Garhwali (Asian) Poetry –-67
                    Literature Historian:  Bhishma Kukreti
     Dr Umahsnakar ‘Satish’ is famous for his portraying the village life of Garhwal in his Garhwali language poetries. Umashankar Satish has tremendous sympathy with migrated labor class and this sympathy is visible in his many poems. The poems of Umashankar about sympathy with emigrant Garhwali Indian struggling in plains compel the readers for thinking the discrimination of administration   and political juntas for no development in rural Garhwal and these poems create frustration in the mind of readers, which incline to think about need of the autonomy in the hilly areas for self-planning for developing hill districts of Uttarakhand. No doubt, the separate state Uttarakhand movement caught momentum from early nineties but the poems and thinking of poet cum intellectual as Umashankar Satish sow the seeds or need of the separate state for hilly districts of Uttar Pradesh . ‘Satish’ is also famous for creating emotional poems and imagery poems.
    Dr Umashankar ‘Satish’ was born in 1937 in a Himalayan village of Nagpur area of Chamoli Garhwal.  Dr Umashankar was a melodious singer too. He expired in 2011.
 Dr Umashankar ‘Satish’ published hundred of poems in regional periodicals and readers as well critics praised his two Garhwali Poetry Collections --
1-‘ Raimasi’
2-‘Khuded’ (1956)
   Dr Umashankar created poems for varied subjects; his poems are of different raptures and emotions. He created pathos and frustration oriented poems very well. The poem-
Bitailya chhaya sal char vain
Atthani tankha ma badhi gen
Shows his concern over the worsening conditions of emigrant garhwali labour class in Indian plains who are forced to migrate from Garhwal because of no employment in Garhwal,
   Umashankar is expert of portraying a place of area in such a way that the readers feel the total experiencing of the territory concerned.
  Satish wrote poems about love and he connects the love communication with the symbolic flora and fauna of Garhwal. 
Twai se pirem mera
Tero rup rang teri sya chal
Tero surilo sur basad jan munal
Teri hiranai si ankhi teri swani mukhadi
Tri dathuli ka saun , twai se perem myaro
     Dr Satish is expert of portraying life in depth and the readers easily imagine the subject.
         Dr Umashankar did not hesitate for using the dialects of Nagpur region of Chamoli Garhwal in creating his poetries.  Dr Umashankar used conventional style of Garhwali poems in his creating poems and poems are melodious from all angles.
अब मेरी टीरी डुबणु च !  
यो पापी पराणि उबणु च 
अब मेरी टीरी डुबणु च ! 
भिलंगना तू गाडबाचs 
जिकुड़ी मा गरुड़ रिटुणु च 
अब मेरी टीरी डुबणु च !
मनसा क्या होण मेरी 
द्यखलु तुमारी दिलेरी 
फजलै मा घाम बूडणु च 
अब मेरी टीरी डुबणु च ! 
माई का लाल को मातम 
मातमी मरदू को जनम 
पितरु को परसाद रूठणु च 
अब मेरी टीरी डुबणु च !
मुखड़ी को पाणि  सुखणु च 
अब मेरी टीरी डुबणु च !

Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti Mumbai; 2016
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