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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why is Tantrik Rituals are Performed at river or Rivelet Bank ?

Mystical Knowledge of Garhwal - Kumaun
Why is Tantrik Rituals are Performed at river or Rivelet Bank ?
तांत्रिक अनुष्ठान को नदी , झरने किनारे करने का मुख्य कारण
(Mantra Tantra of Garhwal, Mantra Tantra of Kumaun , Mantra Tantra of Himalayas)
Bhishma Kukreti
Usually in Garhwal - Kumaun areas , the last performances of many Tantrik rituals such as Chaya, Nagjhadi, Dadiya etc are performed near river bank , rivulet , Gad , Gada, Chichewad or Water ,Falls.
The reason for performing Tantrik ritual at river, water fall, rivelet bank is obvious that this application is taken from a principles from 112 principles of Vigayn Bhairav (Bhairav Tantra or Shiv Upnishad)
अनाहते पात्रकर्णेअभग्नशब्दे सरिददृते
शब्दब्रम्हाणी निष्णात परम ब्रह्माधिगछती (विज्ञानं भैरव , ३८ )
He attains the supreme Brahman ( Being in present) who is deeply merged in the Brahman that is Sound , which is vibrating within , without striking and is perceived by the ear; this sound is uninterrupted like that of water flow of a river, rivulet or water fall.( Vigyan Bhairav , 38)
The Bhakta has to listen his /her own sound within self. If a Bhakta closes his/her both the ears by thumbs and will experience a sound ser. Swan swan and then mediates on this sound for long the Bhakta will attain a delightful pleasure (being in present .
If a Bhakta sits near a river or water fall and mediates on the sound of river flow or sound of water fall, the Bhakta can get immense pleasure ( Atmsat)
The Pashwa who is affected by illness, bad luck etc and does Tantrik performance for taking off restlessness (may be mental illness or other illness) with the help of Tantrik and Tantrik takes Pashwa near rive/water falls/rivulet . The real purpose was that the restless person contemplates on the sound of water flow of river/water falls/rivulet and became stable
The Tantriks applied this sutra for performing Tantrik performances and they take Pashwa near river bank. Rivulet, water falls
(This write up is to analyze the mystical knowledge of Garhwal, Kumaun and Nepal and not to promote or condemns the Tantra and Mantra philosophy)
Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti,