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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

चौडिया मसाण मंत्र

Culture and Spiritual Philosophy of Kumaun and Garhwal'
Uttarkashi : The Prominet Centre of Mantra and Tantra Creation
चौडिया मसाण मंत्र
(Mantra Tantra in Kumaun, Tantra Mantra in Garhwal, Mantra tantra in Himalaya
Bhishma Kukreti
Uttarkashi region being the source place of Ganga and Yamuna reverend rivers had been the place where many spiritual concepts were created in Sanskrit and in local languages.
Many Mantras of Kumaun-Garhwal were also created in Uttarkashi region and it seems Uttarkashi was also a prominent centre of Mantrik Tantrik institutions
according to the research of Dr Vishnu Datt Kukreti, Chaudiya Beer Masan Mantra and tantra were created in Uttarkashi along with many more Mantras and Tantrik performances too.
Chaudiya Beer Masan is a Mantra Booklet wherein there are more than 150 lines in 21 pages of 19x12 centemeters . Dr Vishnu datt kukreti found the manuscript in the collection of late Mahesha Nand Baluni , village Uttinda, Dhangu, Pauri Garhwal. . It is to be note that Balunis of Uttind Bagon were famous mantriks and Tantriks of Dhangu area and their working area was more famous in Langur (Gumkhal area) and easter Dabralsyun (Chailusain area)
Chaudiya Beer Masan is from Narsing sect of Nathpanth and whose mother was Mahakali and father was Khaprachor . He is one of the brothers of Narsing
It seems he was born in Gangotri area as Bhakta asks him to full his desire other wise Chaudiya masan will have problem in source of Bhagirathi
श्री गणेशाय नमह , ॐ नमो गुरु जी को आदेस, बैरागणि माता को आदेस : अंत पौन कु आदेस, चंद सुर्ज को आदेस ; प्रथमे नाद बुद भैरों को आदेस , पिंगळी जटा को आदेस.........
........ दाई दुश्मन को बाण उखेल, भाट बामण को बाण उखेल : ठाडा ठडसेरी को बाण उखेल : मौनी तपेसी को बाण उखेल : छोटा बड़ा भाई की घात उखेल : इतना बाण कु उखेली नी लायी तो भागीरथी मूल को बासो नी पाई :......
Chaudiya masan is described as who changes colour according to direction, was expert of eight Asans , was well aware of eighteen Dhyans and definitely the creator of this Mantra was from Uttarkashi area
Dr Purushottam Dobhal also indicated that once, Uttarkashi was prominent centre of Mantra - Tantra Vidya of Garhwal -Kumaun
This author is witness that around 1960-1961 Fikwal of Gangotri Dham used to come in Salan area (South Pauri Garhwal )and used to preform many tantrik aided by Mantras for their disciples .

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