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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Kaljugi Master: a Realistic Story about Deteriorating Education System

Critical Review of Modern Garhwali Short Stories -170
    Analysis of Garhwali short story ‘Kaljugi Master’
   Critical Review for Garhwali Short Stories written by Mahesha Nand-8

  Literature Historian: @ Bhishma Kukreti

         Mahesha Nand is a teacher by profession and knows the inside out of education in rural Garhwal. The Garhwali story ‘Kaljugi Master’ deals with the attitudes of teachers in deteriorating the rural education system. Mahesha uses Kulanand and Suman as teacher pairs for showing the negative sides of rural Garhwal education system. Mahesha shows teachers as divided into groups, absconding from colleges without any fear, alcohol addicted teachers, rural teachers teaching in villages but their children getting education in cities as Dehradun, helpless position of principals; helpless position of ideal teachers. However, at the end , Mahesha Nand offers chances for hopes and improvement.
   Mahesha Nand tells the story in ‘Katha Gholi Kathgali’ style of Garhwal and makes the story very interesting. His way of telling story is marvelous.
    Master of Garhwali phrases, Mahesha Nand uses proverbs and saying as his slaves for making story interesting as -
जम्याँ डालीं उमाड़ी दीन्द
चलदी कूलम ढुंगु धुंळ ठीक नी
फटsलू फुटिठकुराण नि उठि
 The story is a mirror of present rural education system.
Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai, 2016
Reference – ‘Augar’ a Garhwali Story collection by Mahesha Nand page 769-76
Critical Review of Garhwali Short story by Mahesha Nand to be continued in -9
Critical Review of Modern Garhwali Short Stories to be continued…171
Garhwali Fiction Deteriorating Education System ; Garhwali , Uttarakhandi short story Deteriorating Education System ; Garhwali, Himalayan short story Deteriorating Education System; Garhwali, North Indian  short story Deteriorating Education System; Garhwali, Indian short story Deteriorating Education System; Garhwali, South Asian short storyDeteriorating Education System; Garhwali, Asian short story  Deteriorating Education System;
दुर्गत होती शिक्षा व्यवस्था  गढवाली कथाएं , दुर्गत होती शिक्षा व्यवस्था  गढवाल  से  कथाएं , दुर्गत होती शिक्षा व्यवस्था आधुनिक गढ़वाली  कहानियां , दुर्गत होती शिक्षा व्यवस्था  हिमालयी  कहानियांदुर्गत होती शिक्षा व्यवस्था  उत्तर भारतीय कहानियां ; दुर्गत होती शिक्षा व्यवस्था  एशियाई   कहानियां  
गढवाली कथाएं , गढवाल  से  कथाएं , आधुनिक गढ़वाली  कहानियां , हिमालयी  कहानियांउत्तर भारतीय  कहानियां ; एशियाई  कहानियां  
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