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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Great Garhwali Personality-25

Mohan Babulkar : Profound Expert of Garhwali Folk Literature, Writer and Editor
Bhishma Kukreti

There are four pillars of collecting and analyzing Garhwali Folk literature-Govind Chatak, Mohan Babulkar, Hari Dutt Bhatta Shailesh and Dr Shiva Nand Nautiyal who are referred for each and every aspect of folk literature in Garhwali language. However, other three paid attention more on Garhwali folk songs and dance by Shiva Nand Nautiyal, Mohan Babulkar analyzed Garhwali folk stories, their characteristics and classify them scientifically. He is referred more on characteristics of folk stories in Hindi critic world.
Mohan Babulkar was born in 1931 in the family of Panda in Devprayag. After completing his post graduation he perused his Ph.D degree on Garhwali folks. He served in education department of Uttar Pradesh
Till date, he has published more than three hundred articles related to Garhwal, Garhwali personality and Garhwali language.
He is famous for following books on the folk literature of garhwali language:
1- Garhwali Lok Sahitya ka Vivechanatmak Adhyayan
2-Garhwal ki Lok Dharmi Kala
3-Paschami Pahadi ki Upboli ka Loksahitya aur Kala
He also published following books:
4- Jamuna se Ganga
5-Himalaya men Matmatantar
6-He wrote twelve books for Uttar Pradesh education department
He also edited following books
1-Dev Prayag Sanskritik Sammelan
2-Padya calamari
3-Pundit Vrindavan Dhyani Smiriti Grantha
4-Acharya Chakradhar Joshi Smriti Granth
5-Pratap Singh Mehta Smriti granth
6-Parvatiya Sahityakar Kosh
He also edited Vasudhara, Sarhadi Saptahik and many such periodicals
Dr Babulkar was also on the borad of Mukandi Lal Smriti Granth.
7-Garhwal ki Jeewit Vibhutiyan aur Garhwal ka Vaishihthya: His another major contribution is editing and publishing the life sketches of amous Garhwali personalities in 1981
Standardization of Garhwali language and Confrontation with Bhishma Kukreti: Hew as the strongest supporter of Shrinagarya dialect as the standard for Garhwali writing. He wrote a write up in Hilans that editor Arjun Singh ji should not publish such Garhwali, which is not Shrinagarya or standard. In retaliation, Bhishma Kukreti published ‘Cha Chha Tau’, ‘Been Barpbar Garhwali’ and ‘Asli Nakali Garhwali’ in Dhad magazine. In satiric and provocative style, Bhishma Kukreti argued inhis article’ Asli Nakli Garhwali’ . that if at standardization is necessary, Salani should be the standard Garhwali . Dr Mohan Babulkar criticized all the three articles. Babulakr is still support Shrinagarya as standard Garhwali and Bhishma Kukreti still supports that each Garhwali writer should write on her/his won regional dialects for enriching Garhwali language.
Dr Baublakr loves his motherland and after retirement, he is settled in Kankhal Haridwar

Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, Muumbai, India, 2009