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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Garhwali , Uttarakhand, Himalayan Literature

Prof. Bhagwati Prasad Panthari : Garhwali , Story writer, Poet, Dramatist, Editor , Freedom Fighter, Historian and Educationist
Bhishma Kukreti

Professor Bhagwati Prasad Panthari was a very versatile and respected of Garhwal. . He wrote dramas and stories in Garhwali language, was one of the founder editors of Yugvani a weekly newsletter along with Acharya Kothiyal and Tejram Bhatt, wrote many history books on medieval era and was Vice Chancellor of kasha Vidya Peeth. He also fought the fight of independence from Tihri King along with Shridev Suman, Gairola and was poisoned by Tihri king.

Bhagwati Prasad Panthari was born in Tihri in 1914.

He studied in Kashi and was brilliant scholar . He was worried about the poor conditions of Tihri Garhwal and for making awareness among people he wrote two dramas in Garhwali .

Garhwali Literature by Panthari :
His dramas Adhah Patan (1938) and Bhuton Ka Khoh (1941) are masterpieces of drama and are very inspiring . The language is pure Tihryali (spoken in Tihri district) . The dialogue are very simple bur effective to make audience emotional to act upon against devils. However, his both the books were banned in Tihri regime. He also wrote stories in Garhwali language . He published his story collection in Garhwali - “ Panch Phhol’.

‘Bansuli’ is his poetry collection published in 1942. Panthari used to distribute pamphlets regarding freedom movement in Garhwali language and he arranged many mini conferences for the development of garhwali literature along with late Damodar Thaplaiyal Tejram Bhat and late Acharya Gopeshwar Kothiyal in Dehradun and Mussurie area. Bhagwati Panthari founded a literature organization by name - Garhwali Sahitya Kutir in 1938

Panthari’s all works in Garhwali language literature are mile stones in Garhwali literature

As Educationist and Historian :
Bhagwati Prasad Pantahri became professor in Kashi Vidyapeeth, Banaras and retired from there as Vice Chancellor.

Professpr Panthari was a profound historian and was expert of Medieval era. His books on history Yavana Itihaskaron ka Bharat varnan, Harshvardhan -Shiladitya, Kalpi, Mughal Rajmahlon Ka Jeewan, Ashoka, Harshvardhan aur Unka Yug, Rajvans Maukhari aur Pushyabhuti, Maurya Smarajya ka Smskrika Itihas are gems of Indian History .
Bahgwati Prasad Panthari expired in 1997

Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai, India, 2009