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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Sunday, January 8, 2017

‘Jyundal’: Garhwali Poems Showing Aggravating State of Uttarakhand State

(Review of Poetry Collection ’Jyundal’ by Dhanesh Kothari)

Critical and Chronological History of Modern Garhwali (Asian) Poetry –-158 A
                    Literature Historian:  Bhishma Kukreti
      The readers know Dhanesh Kothari as the Garhwali language poet born because of Uttarakhand state movement and Kavita movement in Garhwal by Dhad organization. His poems in his first collection of poems ’Jyundal’ are the poems showing frustration, rage, sadness, irritation, hopelessness over the state of a decade old new Uttarakhand state .
        The eminent Garhwali poet and critic Virendra Panwar says that the poems of Dhanesh are the poems of awakening to Uttarakhandi.
        Dhanesh started the poetry journey when the separate Uttarakhand state movement was on its peak and Dhanesh categorically shows the need, aspiration points for separate Uttarakhand state in a couple of poems in this volume. However, most of the poems in this volumes are pin pointing the non fulfillment of aspirations, anticipates, wishes, needs, utmost necessities of people of Uttarakhand. The poet Dhanesh Kothari lambastes for present state of Uttaranchal to not only to politicians and authorities but also the people and tells them in plain words to act upon against the politicians or villains with stern punishment:
Tin vote diyale
Tin neta bi binaural
Ab teri ni sundu
At/mar ek khaidai
Dhanesh deals with as many as hundred subjects in this poetry collection , which are burning issues of rural Garhwal and Kumaun. Those burning issues are the deceiving nature of political world, the corrupted administration, the deterring position of villages due to migration, faulty planning spoiling the basic of ecological preposition of Himalaya, increasing imbalances between the riches and living below poverty line , downfalls in the culture and love for own languages and many more. There poems related to social issues, issues related to formal education and informal education taken by the society, water shortage in the land of rivers as Alaknanda, Ganga, Jamuna, Nayar Hinwal etc too in this volume of poetry. Dhanesh uses different images, exclusive symbols and symbolic words or proverbs for narrating each subject differently that all poems become vibrant and compel the readers to read all in one sitting. Dhanesh believes that the job of river is flow and provide fresh water but be within the boundaries too. Same way, Dhanesh uses new symbols but does not hesitate older versions of symbols as “ Laga Khaidai ki”
   Dhanesh is expert for  describing bigger panorama in few words as famous Urdu poet Nazish Pratapgadhi describes a fearful condition in few words:
Ye bhukh ye jillat ke dere , ye mauto tabahi ke fere
Ab kaun bataye ye sab kuchh, kis samt ishara karte hain
       Dhanesh just do not pleads for old orthodox way of thinking but appeal for taking modern ways for betterment of humanity and that is why he choose new style of creation poems in Garhwali. Dhanesh creates poems in all old lyrical style -Geet, non lyrical and atukant poems .
       The narrating style of Dhanesh is simple and the readers can connect with the thought of the poet easily . His poems are so vibrant that readers start thinking for some kind of actions . Dhanesh involve readers by many means as emotional exploitation, by sharp satire, by inspirational style and wording . His main aim is to coerce the readers for thinking and be ready for taking some actions.
       The present volume ’Jyundal’ speaks that the Garhwali language poems are taking new path for becoming competent enough to get recognition among all International languages . The poems of ‘Jyundal’ provide assurances that very soon Garhwali literature will get its due . Definitely, Dhanesh is one of the promising the jewel of Garhwali poetry who will take Garhwali poetry to its zenith.
ग्वथनी का गौं मा बल
सुबेर होंदी / पण
पाळु नि उबौन्दु

ग्वथनी का गौं मा बल
घाम औंद / पण
ठिंणी नि जांदी

ग्वथनी का गौं मा बल
मंगारु पगळ्यूं / पण
तीस नि हबरान्दी

ग्वथनी का गौं मा बल
उंदार सौंगि / पण
स्या उकाळ नि चड़्येन्द

ग्वथनी का गौं मा बल
ब्याळी बसायत / पण
आज-भोळ नि रैंद

ग्वथनी का गौं मा बल
सतीर काळी ह्वईं छन/ पण
चुलखान्दौं आग नि होंद

ग्वथनी का गौं मा बल
दौ-मौ नि बिसर्दू बाद्दी/ पण
बादिण हुंगरा नि लांदी

ग्वथनी का गौं मा बल
इस्कुलै चिणैं ह्वईं / पण
बाराखड़ी लुकि जांदी

ग्वथनी का गौं मा बल
स्याळ गुणि माथमि दिखेंदा/ पण
रज्जा जोगी जोगड़ा ह्वेजांदा

ग्वथनी का गौं मा बल
सौब धाणि / पण
कुछ कत्त नि चितेंद।

A Garhwali poetry collection
By Dhanesh Kothari
Dhad Prakashan
74 A New Connaught Place
Dehradun 248001
Price Rs 50

Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti Mumbai; 2016
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