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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Social Issues-1

Social Issues-1
Benefits of Competition between Garhwali and Kumauni Communities
Necessity , Essentials, Strategic Application and Consequences)
By: Bhishma Kukreti

(This sentence from a mature, well educated, secular person , “ The Kumauni and Garhwali community should compete with other .” shocked the author and unsettled the author for many minutes. This reputed person is heard well in Mumbai’s Uttarakhand social circle , was with us as our colleague in separate Uttarakhand movement in Mumbai and used to make strategies for bridging the gap between Garhwali and Kumauni communities in Mumbai . Now, the same person is advocating about competition between the two communities of Uttarakhand. When the author had a long discussion with this spectacular person and found that there is lot of weight in his argument. It is necessary that the author put his thoughts before the elite groups of Mumbaikar Uttarakhandis. The author requests every body not to analyze his point of view with emotional weights but should analyze, scrutinize , explore, evaluate, synthesize by rational thinking.)

Competition in coming time: The Garhwali and Kumauni communities in Mumbai should agree that the competition is changing very fast and the future competition will not be same as we see at present. For future competition, the individual competing habit will not be enough but there will be requirements of many habits of competing for achievement. One of the important competing habit will be to compete the nearest community. Yes! in future, there will also be requirement of competing the nearest community where cooperation and competition will exist together. When Garhwali community will compete with its nearest community Kumauni community, the individuals from both the communities will have a cultivated habit of competing and individuals will be habitual for balancing the competition by required cooperation. Competition among Garhwali and Kumauni communities will become the training and testing ground for the individuals and the competing habits will be beneficial to both the community members.

Learning for future competition: When there will be competition among Kumauni and Garhwali communities, the future generation of both communities will learn to know that competition is not for present but for future.

Culturing for grabbing opportunities promptly: The biggest problem of average Kumauni and Garhwali is that they are lethargic for grabbing the opportunities promptly. The average Kumauni or Garhwali should culture the habit of grabbing opportunities promptly. The ongoing competition among two communities is the only way to culture the habit of recognize beneficial opportunities and grabbing them on time.

Individual competency verses community competency: Each Garhwali and Kumauni person will require to use individual competency for team competency and exploit the team competency for benefiting the individual competency in her/his professional life . The competition among Kumauni and Garhwali populations will teach each community members to be ready for using team aptitude for individual advancement and individual proficiency for team’s benefits in employment or business .

Innovative habit: Future competitive era will require individual attitude for competition in the cut throat competition. Our education system is not so resourceful for creating innovative aptitude. Therefore, competition among Kumaunis and Garhwalis is the best school for creating innovative aptitude among new Garhwali and Kumauni generation.

Eradicating myopia and having foresight : The future generation can be competent enough when the individuals and community as a whole are ready for eradicating myopia to see future and become proficient in fore-sighting . Day to day competition teaches such aptitude . Therefore, it is essential that Garhwali and Kumauni compete in every field to create such attitude of freightless.

Curious for beyond the era: The future generation will require a level of characteristic that the individual is always curious about beyond the territory or era. Here, also day to day competition from the childhood trains to build for being curious about beyond the era.

Strategic thinking: The future competition will require strategic thinking capacity at all level of age and ladder. Competition between nearest communities is the best medium to make an individual as strategic thinker.

Thinking differently : Now onwards, winning the competition requires the quality of thinking differently . Thinking differently requires an attitude from the childhood. The learning from childhood for thinking differently is possible only when Kumauni and Garhwali compete with each other individually and in group too.

Field of competition among Garhwalis and Kumaunis
Now, the question comes about what are the fields for competition between two communities. The Kumauni and Garhwali at individual and community level compete with each other in the following aspects and field:

Amplifying the Standard of living
Education and education facilities
Preparing children for getting high recognition
Producing international level intellectuals and theoreticians
Community identity
Protection of their languages
Producing International Level Sportsmen and providing facilities for the youth
Publishing language literature in each medium
Creating such literature that community gets International fame
Economics and business
Social services
Arrangement for various knowledge

There may be point of views against this view that Kumauni should compete has some sense that from childhood, the future generation will learn competition and ingredients required for competition.

How to compete is the concern area for both the societies in talking and implementing about the necessity of competition between Kumaunis and Garhwalis in Uttarakhand and outside of the Uttarakhand. However, after thorough analysis, the author feels that nothing is wrong about competition between Kumaunis and Garhwalis in the above sited areas

Copyright@Bhishma Kukreti,Mumbai/India/14/3/2009