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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Monday, March 23, 2009

Export from Uttranchal-10

Need of Global Mentality
Bhishma Kukreti

The future of Uttranchal lies in export of materials, human-power and concepts. The concept of globalize village is rooting deep down in India. The globalization means to gain the benefits of all types of available resources without disturbing the ecosystem and without destructing the culture suitable for the region. Export of excess material, human power or concept available in the region is one of the paths to take the benefits of globalization.

The export of materials, human power or concept will fetch the more profits when there is distinctive value additions in the above three aspects of export. The distinctive value addition in the materials, human power or concepts may come by being competitiveness. The competitiveness and leadership comes into the society by adapting global mentality. The global mentality means thinking for the opportunity first. The global mentality means making the future as the chief strategy and guiding force for the region and individuals. When Uttranchalis make the future as the chief strategy, the competitiveness will automatically take birth in their mind. Global mentality means to be aware about Uttranchalis competing with all other foreign country fellows.

The global mentality means to change the available materials into sellable items to the foreign countries and this requires the value addition technique. There are tens of products and concepts available in Uttranchal, which require value addition for the future. Take the example of conventional religious tourism of Garhwal and Haridwar areas. The religious tourism in Uttranchal requires a total change in formats and contents. The ultra new type of hospitality management (competitive with international cities nearby religious places such as Roma) nearby religious places is the requirements of Uttranchal. Now in global economical time, Uttranchal is not only competing with Indian religious destinations but also forcefully competing with countries as Malaysia or Thailand. Many young Uttranchalis took the career in computer science and got jobs abroad or in India with sizable salaries. However, the future is not so easy because the countries as Pakistan, China, Romania, Hungary taking the business of business process outsourcing (BPO) and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) vary seriously and investing in these industries to become competitive. It clearly explains that Uttranchalis has to find a new tool of value addition in the present training system of computing science to compete with the new emerging countries in this field. The finding of new tool of value addition comes only by global mentality because global mentality creates sensitivity for the timely competitiveness. Global mentality of Uttranchalis means each Uttranchali understands that he/she is competing for future with a Ghana fellow or Canadian fellow and so on. In global economy, the competing arena for each Uttranchali is not limited to India but the whole universe is competing arena. As far as competition is concerned, no body will be spared in the competing arena of universe. Global mentality is the only surety of safe future for Uttranchalis.

In global economy, the fight is never for today but the fight or competition is always for tomorrow. The free economy forces the regions of the universe to fight among themselves for future opportunities and not for the current opportunities. In liberal economy, the individual competitiveness or regional competency is judged by the equity generated for the future. The global mentality of individuals of the region like Uttranchal brings initiation for the future. Global mentality of Uttranchalis will bring transformation in the region for becoming competitive for the future. Future will be safe only after taking exclusive steps for the development of economic power of the region. Making future as main strategy of Uttranchal is the sign of global mentality.

Infusion of global mentality is not an injection or a tablet, which can be provided by the government to its citizen. The infusion of global mentality or futuristic competency is a process and it is generated by the society itself. The talks, discussions and debates for ‘globalization and future as main strategy of Uttranchal’ at various forums and media is the only criteria to bring global mentality among Uttranchalis. The discussions for globalization and its benefits at various forums in various formats will percolate the adaptation of global mentality among all the Uttranchalis. The aim of discussions on globalization means to infuse the global mentality among all Uttranchalis.

Uttranchalis can get best benefits out of globalization if they adapt mentality, attitude, outlook and approach of a chief executive operation of a multi national corporation. Surprisingly it is easy because just think about competency for the future and you adapt the global mentality.

@Copyright @Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai/India/19/3/2009