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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Garhwali Poet-७ - Jaggu Naudiyal: The master of Pathos Rapture

Garhwali Poet-7
Jaggu Naudiyal: The master of Pathos Rapture
Bhishma Kukreti

In one of my most memorable cartoons ‘ek chor ki kal kali katha’ published in Garh Aina and Dhad, I showed that a thief goes various Garhwali creative for burglary and has unusual experiences . When the thief goes to Puran Pant’s house, instead of fearing from the thief, the poet becomes happy that somebody is there to listen his poems and the poor thief has to listen poetry from Puran Pant for whole night. The thief has to offer his whole day’s earnings to Kanhaya Lal Dandariyal after seeing the materialistic condition of the greatest Garhwali poet. The poor thief becomes mad by listening the Garhwali grammar lessons from Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna. The thief has to smell terrifying bad smell of sweating Chinmaya Sayar.

When in the same cartoon, the thief comes out of Jaggu Naudiyal ‘s house weeping, with full of sorrow , grief, sadness and was crying in mental agony , “ The police should not use tear gas but the poems of Jaggu Naudiyal are enough instead of tear gas.” There is no exaggeration in my cartoon about the poems of Jaggu Naudiyal. No doubt, Jaggu Naudiyal wrote poems related to patriotism, chivalry, devotion to deities, development, and growth but he will always be remembered in Garhwali literature for his displaying grief, sadness, awe, fatigue, depression, detachment, stunning, anxiety, dejection, death , terror, epilepsy and tears in his Garhwali poems written in tens of places of Garhwal region.

Jaggu Naudiyal was born in the year 1940 in the remote village Bheemali Talli of Paino patti, Pauri Garhwal then called British Garhwal. When Naudiyal was just two years old , he lost his mother and Jaggu tells that he is the samlon (the souvenir) of his mother. Jaggu Naudiyal had to suffer the bearings of motherlessness for his whole of life. Even after being the father of children , he could not digest that he lost his mother at the age of two years and Jaguu never forget his pain of being chhwara (parentless) from point of view of motherless. We may see the pain of separation, memoir agony of aloofness, sadness generated by separation, fear, oppressed conditions in his many poems such as samlaun, dheera ko dharm, beti bidai, beti ka bol, bhai banaiun ki mausyan, o din ni ando pher, chhantwa bwau, nirdayee baba, man ki chakhulee.

The emotional pain of his childhood is displayed everywhere in his poetry. Even, we may find some kind of emotion dejection his patriotic or poetries written for inspiring people to take part in the village development . No doubt, jai badrinath, bharat ka beer jawan jaag uth, chal meri pyari syali Garhwal are not the peoms of sadness or grief but without fail we may feel the philosophy generated by detachment, non-affiliation, aloofness in these poems too.

His poem samlaun is the master piece of rapture of pathos and the feelings are expressed by the poet in the simplest form. A dieing mother is telling to her husband about his two years child:

Rakhyan ye sambhali thukrai ni diyan
Meri nauki dali seenchada rayan
Smalaun mero adhkhilo phool
Triveni man gadnai si kool
Barr bijli joo nind waiki
Taprali tap tap si aankhi waiki
Chamm uthiki man man bahtyalo
Halka si hathan thupthei liyan

I don’t think except Jaggu Naudiyal other poet could express such caring words from a dieing mother . He experienced the pain of motherlessness and that is why he could express the same in such simple words and symbols in his poems.

As far my knowledge is concerned, I know only two collections of Garhwali poems published by Jaggu Naudiyal -Geetu ki Gaad and Samlaun .Naudiyal also wrote Sudama ki gareebi and translated Soor Sagar but till date they are unpublished

From form point of view, Jaggu Naudiyal wrote his poems either in Doha or chaupaya only. It seems that Jaggu’s whole intention was for displaying the emotion in poems and not doing any experiment for style or form . Jaggu believes in expression in the simplest way than playing with words, linguistic charm, experimentation, bringing variations, giving shocks to the readers etc.

The specialization of Jaggu Naudiyal in Garhwali poetry is creating pathos and pathos.

@Copiright Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai, India, 6/3/2009