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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Monday, March 23, 2009

Export from Uttranchal-7

Requirement of District Branding
Bhishma Kukreti

Today, each states of India are rushing for private investments in the state. We may feel the competition among Indian states for indigenous and foreign investments. Most of the state governments are using mass media and public relation methodology to lure the local, NRIs and foreign investors to invest in their states.

The state authorities are using the local print media to attract Indian investors for industrial investment in the state and this action is appreciable for creating awareness of productive investment among the public. However, from the branding point of view there are many flaws in such advertisements. Most of the states have been advertising the many places of the state for many industries to lure the investors. This type of advertisement of making the state as a model for industrialization is totally against gaining the required results because of the states going opposite of natural principles of branding.

Each state whether, small or big has many conducive and non- conducive perceptions among the prospective investors. When, there are many conducive or non- conducive perceptions for the state in the mind of prospective investors there is going to be either wrong logic or endless logic for the state in the mind of prospective investors. The endless or wrong logic for any objective is against enthusiasm, quick decision and clarity. The enthusiasm, quick decision and clarity accelerate the risk taking initiations in the mind of prospective investors. If there are many perceptions for a region, the investors will not take immediate decision. The single image for a region is the best aspect of branding a region for luring the investors because a single image and the least perceptions for a region create enthusiasm in the mind of investors.

If a state is interested in indigenous and foreign investments, it should choose a single district to brand for a specific industry. By choosing a single district for a specific industry as tool of branding, the state gets minimum chances of confusion, indecisiveness or endless logic in the mind of investors. The specific image of a state for specific purpose is an essential aspect for the investors to invest in a specific region. Take the example of publicity campaign of Uttranchal tourism, which advertises together the religious tourist places and adventurous places. This type of branding may save money in advertising but such advertisement does not create specific image of a state in the mind of investors. Same way, many areas, many issues or many opportunities in the same advertisement for luring many types of investors for a state will not create a specific image of the state in the mind of specific investors.

Around first year of nineties Columbia a country of Latin America required the growth in coffee export to America. The Columbian authorities heavily advertised coffee of Columbia in USA and got 40% of market share in coffee segment. By strong branding of coffee by Columbia also became the tool of attracting the attention of American tourists and investors for Columbia. Each state requires indigenous and foreign investment and for such investment, the state requires immediate decision from the side of prospective investors. The speedy decision from the side of prospective investors is possible when the state focuses on single district and only an industry at a time for its branding. Focusing on single district and a specific industry for branding the state creates a strong image in the mind of customers and investors as well.

. In branding Uttranchal, as tourist destination the authorities should not take too many diversified bases at a time for branding the state. Same way, for branding the state as a paradise for investors the state authorities should tackle one issue at a time. As far as luring the investors is concerned ‘ek sadhe, sab sadhen’ is the mantra for branding a state.

Copyright@Bhishma Kukreti/mumbai/india/19/3/2009