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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Monday, March 23, 2009

Export from Uttranchal-8

Knowledge Economy Frameworks
Bhishma Kukreti

The geographical and socio-cultural conditions of Uttranchal compel that the state should opt the non-traditional services for economic growth. The knowledge-based economy is one of the emerging tools for economic growth for states like Uttranchal in India. A Knowledge Economy (KE) is one that utilizes knowledge as the key engine of economic growth. The Uttranchal should acquire the knowledge for export, create, disseminate and use it effectively to enhance the state’s economic development.

There are four basic frame works for knowledge economy for an area. The first pillar is called the economic the economic incentive and institutional establishment that provides conducive policies for efficient creation, dissemination and use of existing knowledge. The educated and skill work force should continuously advance and adapt their skills to efficiently create and use knowledge. The third requirement of knowledge economy is the effective inventive and pioneering systems of universities, institutions and other organizations of the state that can keep up with knowledge revolution and faucet into the growing accumulation of global knowledge and adjust it to the local requirements. The forth pillar in knowledge economy is to create modern and adequate infrastructure that can make easy the effective communication, dissemination and uses at the right and required places.

The Uttranchal government, society and business communities should come forward to grow the knowledge economy. The knowledge economy may grow in the state by long-term investments in conventional and non-conventional educational institutions. The political leaders, administrators and society should understand that the future economical growth would come for the area from the knowledge work force. Hence the Uttranchal’s establishment should come forward to lure the national and international investors for creating new infrastructures in the field of education, technology and concepts.

The international investors will take risks in creating infrastructure for knowledge industries in the state provided the Uttranchal government creates infrastructures for hardware, software, network, media for collection, storage, processing, transmission and presentation of information in the form of voice, data, text and images. The state government should come forward to lay down the policies for the information and communication technologies (ICT) infrastructure before the public so that the interested investors can invest in knowledge industry.

The society and the pillars of establishment of Uttranchal should visualize the advantages and the need of knowledgeable Uttranchalis in the field of non-conventional education. In the nearest future, the education of an area should not only provide the degree holders but should provide the professionals of applied knowledge too. In near future the state, which is capable of creating a breed of applied knowledge professionals, would win the race of economic growth in India. This need of applied knowledge Uttranchali professionals suggests that Uttranchal government should set up an autonomous board for knowledge economy as it established a body for tourism development.

The new education board should act like a business house and should come with new feasible policies for the state, which can reform the present education system and establish futuristic knowledge economy based education in Uttranchal. The Uttranchal cannot depend upon the conventional industries for its economic and social welfare but should find the non-conventional industries such as export of applied knowledge. The export and indigenous uses of applied knowledge depend upon understanding and acting upon the above-cited four pillars of knowledge economy.

Copyright@Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai/India/19/3/2009