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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Monday, March 23, 2009

Role of Non-Resident Uttranchalis (NRUs) in Uttranchal Tourism Development

Role of Non-Resident Uttranchalis (NRUs) in Uttranchal Tourism Development
Bhishma Kukreti

The migration is the first step of involvement of any society in becoming the part of global economy for the development of a region or nation. To develop the region, Uttranchalis have been migrating from its root to various other regions for a century. We should accept the real fact that the migration from Uttranchal will not stop but it will increase by manifold. We should not take the migration of human power from Uttranchal as the misfortune but a fortune for Uttranchalis because accepting the reality is the best way to adapt ourselves for the future competitiveness. If we do not accept the realism of migration, we shall live in the past and will not prepare our future generation to become the most competitive community to face the global competition.

If the migration from Uttranchal is a reality, the attachment by the non-resident Uttranchalis with Uttranchal forever is another reality. The attachment with their roots by Uttranchalis will provide the same advantages, which provided the advantages to the migrated Jews.

The economical & social development and fame of Uttranchal especially in foreign countries is very much essential for non-resident Uttranchalis because the development and fame of Uttranchal in other regions and countries provide the followings advantages and benefits to the NRUs:

The fame of Uttranchal is the strong media for enhancing the self-esteem or self-validating statement for the non-resident Uttranchalis.

The fame of Uttranchal in India and abroad provides a strong platform of identity for the NRUs. The identity is the strong tool of getting many jobs done easily.
The prosperous Uttranchal will be helpful in lessening the economical burdens on the Non-Resident Uttranchalis. Definitely, the poor brothers of Uttranchal increase the economical burdens on the Non-Resident Uttranchalis by many means.

The rich brother in Uttranchal will help the poor Non-Resident Uttranchali brother. In case of exigency, the Non-Resident Uttranchalis can get help from rich resident Uttranchalis. For this type of financial and economical help for the NRUs from native Uttranchal, it is essential that Uttranchal becomes richer than the present form.

Many Non-Resident Uttranchalis are prosperous economically but they do not get trusted base or platform for further investment. The prospering or developed Uttranchal will provide such Non-Resident Uttranchalis the most trusted medium for investment.

Many NRUs wish to return to their natives but do not find the suitable infrastructure there and could not fulfill their wish to return to Uttranchal. Developed Uttranchal is one of the important means to invite back many NRUs.
Non-Resident Uttranchalis can get all the benefits from the rich Uttranchal, which any non-resident human beings get the benefits from their rich natives.

Tourism as Back Bone of Uttranchal Economy

The geographical, social and cultural aspects of Uttranchal direct that the tourism and associate industry is the backbone of Uttranchal economy. The richness among all the Uttranchalis will come by development of excellent tourism industry in Uttranchal. The state government took positive steps in planning and execution of tourism development in the state.

For Mumbaikars, who are not aware about the plan and policy of Uttranchal government, the attached list will be an additional knowledge about the role of tourism for economical growth in the state. The attached list will also provide an outline the agenda of the state authorities for the growth of tourism in Uttranchal.
To gain the above benefits from developed Uttranchal, the non-resident Uttranchalis may be a tool of enhancing the developing tourism in Uttranchal.

Role of Non-Resident Uttranchalis in Tourism development
The non-resident Uttranchalis (NRUs) can contribute for speedy growth in tourism by many means. Surprisingly, their contributions for the growth of tourism in Uttranchal will not hurt the local sentiments of the present residing place or region of a NRU. The following means are a major means for contributing for speedy development of neo- tourism in Uttranchal:

Conceptual Contribution:

Any region ambitious to become a global power in the field of tourism requires a conceptual mentality in the society. Such society should acquire a global mentality and character and should have a clear vision of future tourism in the area. The society should acquire the specific characteristics for global competitiveness to create a global tourist destination. One of the characteristics of global mentality for creating an area as global travel destination is to reduce the dependency of on the government and should create self-built infrastructure for the tourism development of the region. There are many concepts, which help the society for becoming a global power in a specific field or many fields.

Our Uttranchal society requires aggression in acquisition of global mentality and characters. The non-resident Uttranchalis can popularize the global mentality and character among NRUs and the natives in Uttranchal by many means. Even, a casual talk among our village fellows or a simple message to the fellow brothers and sisters in Uttranchal by NRUs about creating Uttranchal, as global destination is enough to popularize the phenomenon of acquisition of global mentality and character in the society. As per a rough estimate, there will be a million of NRUs or two lakhs NRUs families out of Uttranchal. If a family sends a message of the need for globalization of tourism in Uttranchal in a year to a single family in Uttranchal, the two lakhs families in Uttranchal will be inspired for building Uttranchal as global power in tourism.

The NRUs should contribute their share by way of conceptual funding the region in the area of tourism. The intellectual funding by the NRUs was a strong medium for popularizing Uttranchal movement. Same way, the non-resident Uttranchalis can contribute by providing various old and new concepts in developing Uttranchal as a global tourist destination.

Suggestion for building the infrastructures in an unknown but viable tourist destination by NRUs to the local authorities or fellow persons is a kind of conceptual contribution by NRUs to the development of tourist industry in Uttranchal.

Enhancing Social Awareness:

Usually, the non-resident Uttranchalis are deeply involved in many activities of their villages. The NRUs can inspire their village-fellows to build tourist houses in each village of Uttranchal. Imagine! If each village in Uttranchal builds a community rest house or tourist house with moderate or modern facilities for tourists, many non-residents who usually, do not go for holidays in Uttranchal, will they not plan for holidaying in their villages. By having a village community owned rest house or tourist house in each village, many non-resident Uttranchalis can take their friend families of other region to their villages. This concept will help in enhancing the growth of tourism in Uttranchal.

The NRUs can inspire the native fellows of Uttranchal to build small or medium tourist infrastructures and destinations surrounding their villages to attract the tourists from plains of Uttranchal, Delhi or Uttar Pradesh.

Contribution by Investment in Tourism:

Many non-resident Uttranchalis are lucky enough to have spare money and they may invest in the tourism services in Uttranchal. The NRUs can invest directly in hotel industry, transport, sport, and hospitality or communication industry in Uttranchal.

Returning Uttranchal to start a Tourist Business in Uttranchal is an ideal contribution by a NRU.

Motivating Non-Uttranchalis for Investments:

The NRUs should motivate the non-Uttranchali investors in India and abroad, to invest for developing the infrastructures of Uttranchal tourism industry.

Opening Tourist Agency out of Uttranchal:

Many non-resident Uttranchali entrepreneurs can contribute their share in speedy tourism development in Uttranchal by opening tourist agencies or by becoming as operators. These agencies out of Uttranchal owned by NRUs may work for developing the network for inviting non-Uttranchalis as tourists for Uttranchal.

Acting as Promotional Medium or Source of Information:

Each NRU can become a medium of promotion for Uttranchal tourism by inspiring the non-Uttranchalis to visit Uttranchal for holidaying.

The NRUs should posses the details of tourist destinations and facilities in Uttranchal to distribute among non-Uttranchalis.

Public Relation Works or becoming Ambassador for Uttranchal:

The best medium of promotion is mouth-to-mouth publicity for the growth of tourism. The NRUs can contribute in developing tourism Uttranchal by writing articles about the Uttranchal tourist destinations in print media of other regions. The NRUs can contribute by showing slides or documentary films of Uttranchal tourist destinations to the various groups of non-Uttranchalis. For example, the NRUs of Mumbai can arrange a film show about Uttranchal tourism to the non-Uttranchalis at the time of Ganpati festival in Garhwal Darshan, Mumbai where hundreds of non-Uttranchalis come to watch the Ganpati idol and Ganpati-festive-event. Same way, with the help of Garhwal Vikas Mandal Mumbai, the residents of Garhwal Darshan can distribute the literature about Uttranchal tourist destinations to the non-Uttranchalis visiting the above site.

Many non-resident-Uttranchalis are having access of internet facilities. These lucky Uttranchalis should send relevant messages about Uttranchal tourism to various agencies, portals and individuals in India and abroad.

Spreading Uttranchali Food and Souvenirs:

One of the medium of popularizing the tourist destination is to popularize the food, drink and souvenirs of the destination. The NRUs should find the ways and means of popularizing the ethnical foods, sweets, drinks and souvenirs of Uttranchal among non-Uttranchalis.

Popularizing Uttranchali Literature, Art, Sport, and Music:

The popularization of art, music and literature of a tourist destination plays a positive role in publicizing the tourist destination. The NRUs should take various steps in popularizing the literature, art, music and films related to Uttranchal. The conference arranged by Uttranchal Vichar Manch, Mumbai for the release of a novel Pandera written by Shri Rajeshwar Uniyal, wherein many non-Uttranchalis were invited, is one of the examples to popularize the regional literature, art or music among non-Uttranchalis.

There is an urgent need of evolution for the works of late shri Mukandi Lal Barrister and Shri Gairola about Garhwal paintings. The popularization of Garhwali paintings and sculpture art abroad by NRUs is one of the ways to popularize Uttranchal as global tourist destination.

Producing Feature Films for International Audience:

Many NRUs are busy in producing Garhwali or Uttranchali feature films. In my opinion, they should produce the Garhwali or Kumayan feature films for the international film festivals with the same budget. The releases of Garhwali feature films in the international film festivals will be a great help to the Garhwal for popularizing it as global tourist destination.

Uttranchal Tourism in the Agenda of NRU Community Organizations:

The non-resident Uttranchalis have established Uttranchali-community organizations in most of the Indian cities and regions abroad. There should be agenda of Uttranchal Tourism in the mission of each non-resident community organization. Time has come that the members (usually Garhwali and Kumayuni) of these organizations (usually Kumayuni and Garhwali) should enroll the non-residents of Dehradoon, Haridwar and Udham Singh Nagar (or non-pahadis of plains of Uttranchal) areas in their organizations too.

Today’s conference organized by Uttranchal Maha Sngh and including the subject of tourism for discussion is an example of including agenda of tourism with other social tasks by a non-resident Uttranchali organization.
Holidaying in Uttranchal:

One of the contributions of non-resident Uttranchalis is to go Uttranchal with their families for holidaying on regular basis.
Being Famous, Rich or Specialist:

The first act for each non-resident Uttranchali is to become famous, specialist or rich. This act is the most important act of contributing to the society by an individual. The individual fame of Jaspal Rana, Mahendra Singh Dhooni in their fields is one of the contributions for uplifting Uttranchal Tourism by a non-resident Uttranchali.

Every part of the society should contribute to develop its native place and present place. The NRUs should also find other means and ways for their contributions in building Uttranchal as global tourist destination

Copyright@Bhishma Kukreti/Mumbai/India/19/3/2009