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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Logic Learning in Garhwali Children Folk Songs पहेली बुझाने के गढवाली बालगीत

Logic Learning in Garhwali Children Folk Songs

Bhishma Kukreti

The mode of reasoning is ‘Logic’. The Indian folk literature has been very rich in teaching logic to the next generation by old generation. This is the reason that philosopher Gautam created ‘ Nyay Darshan’ more than two thousand years back.

In Garhwal, there is tradition of teaching reasoning to children from early age. Garhwalis have been creating riddle poems for their children from the time the humanity settled in Garhwal. The following two children folk poems are proof that Garhwalis were conscious about teaching logic to their children from early age

The songs are having four lines in a poem and the language is simple that children could understand easily

पहेली बुझाने के गढवाली बालगीत

(गढ़वाली बालगीत, उत्तराखंडी बालगीत , हिमालयी बालगीत , भारतीय बालगीत )


मुंड मा म्यारो छारु , Ash is on my head

इन बुल्यां जोगी As if I am ascetic

पेट मेरो गगडाँदू The stomach sounds in disorder

इन बुल्यां रोगी As if I am sick

उत्तर : हुक्का Answer: Hukka

-------- 2-----

बुतत , बातत जामत जु

काटत फाटत फाटत फू

कूटत कूटत फूँकत फू

थड़कत भड़कत भकडम भू

मार सड़ाबड़ सपडम सू

उत्तर पळयो , छ्न्छिंडा Answer palyo or Buttermilk curry

(सन्दर्भ : डा नंदकिशोर ढौंडियाल डा मनोरमा ढौंडियाल कि पुस्तिका )

There are other puzzle songs for children in Garhwali. There is remarkable tendency to teach children logically in Garhwali children folk songs

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