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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Monday, August 29, 2011

Garhwali Children Folk Game Songs and Discussion on Sports Psychology Useful in Parenting

Garhwali Children Folk Game Songs and Discussion on Sports Psychology Useful in Parenting

Bhishma Kukreti

Ancestors of present Garhwalis and ancestors of worldwide communities were well aware that the game songs for children are very important for children development . Psychologists as Andersen, Bredemeire, Brustad, Gould, Murphy, Shield, Weinberg, today, proved that the sports are essential for children growth and development of boy/girls for future life. However, ancestors of all communities were aware that:

1- The children game should have fun

2-Children game with songs help children learning new skills

3-Children games songs facilitate the character in the child to learn for being with friends and making new friends

4- Children game songs teach the children for belonging with groups.

5- Children game songs teach the children for experiencing the competition and to be ready for new challenges

6-Children game songs bring the experiences of success and winning among children

7-The children game bring a health consciousness .

That is the reasons that there are tens of Garhwali Children Folk games and sports and many games and sports are played with songs. The singing performance works for fun in sports or games. The following game songs are a few examples of children folk games in Garhwal:

गढ़वाली बालक्रीडा सम्बन्धी लोक बालगीत

(Garhwali Children Folk Game Songs)

---1 ----

उरचन पुरचन (Urchan Purchan )

उरचन पुरचन दान दर्पण

लिया लाची पित्तल कांची

ओड मोड़ दैणी हत्थी

तू बि तोड़

---2 ---

इटकी पिट्की (Itki Pitki)

इटकी पिटकी दूध की छिटकी

लवा लाशी पीतल काशी

अरोड़ मरोड़ दैणी हथ्थी

तडक मोड़

--3 ---

काकड बेकड (Kakd Bekad)

काकड बेकड़ कलमी यान मून

सुन्दर कपड़ा त्वे पर दूध


बूडा रांडा (Booda randa)

बूडा रांडा बाटु बथै दे

कंडाळी का जील


सुळबुळ संध्या (Sulbul Sandhya)

सुळबुळ संध्या

नौ चूळ पाणी

उतड़याँ छ्वोरों

संगरांद नि खाण


बिराळी -बिराळी

बिराळी -बिराळी कख जांदी ?

बल माछा मारणो कू

मारली कन ? छप छप छप छप

काटली कन ? खर्स खर्स खर्स खर्स

पकैली कन? छ्याँ -म्यां

खैली कन ? कुर-मुर - कुर मुर

तैबरी एक आयो कुत्ता

बिराळी भाजण बैठी सुरक सुरक

मै माछा मारणो जान्दो

(स्सभार : डा. नन्द किशोर ढौंडियाल, डा मनोरमा ढौंडियाल, गढ़वाली लोक बालगीत )

If the parents want that their children become successful sportsman they should pay attention on following aspects:

1- The parents should encourage children for going games or sports without pressure

2- the parents should understand the wishes of child from sports and the parents should behave always as healthy fan of their child.

3-Parents should help to children for providing respect and values to opponents and competition

4-The parents always provide aplateform for children that they understand the core importance of team spirit in sports and in life

5- The parents should love children whether they win or loose and love should be unconditional

6-The parents should make clear that efforts and practices are equally important to the results

7-The parents should see that the child gets fun from sports

8- The parents should find the Guru or coach suitable to child for child

9-The parents should not impose on child for getting sports experiences but the experiences should be theirs only

The ancestors of present communities were aware about the above sports psychological aspects and they were regularly creating songs related to games for children.

Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti bckukreti@gmail.com