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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Monday, August 29, 2011

Literary Study of Garhwali Children Folk Game Songs and Literature on Children Game Songs of Other Countries

Literary Study of Garhwali Children Folk Game Songs and Literature on Children Game Songs of Other Countries

Bhishma Kukreti

Jan Ling ( A history of European Music ) , German scholar F.M.Bohem (1924), sated early t that singing children game songs have been there with the start of society. The children sing songs and at the same time acts and play game.

In Garhwali (India), there are many children folk game songs sung by children. The following song is representative Garhwali children folk game song:

गढ़वाली बालक्रीडा सम्बन्धी लोक बालगीत (Garhwali children folk game songs)

Cat going for Fishing

बिराळी -बिराळी कख जांदी ? Cat! Where you going?

बल माछा मारणो कू Going for fishing

मारली कन ? छप छप छप छप How will you catch fishes? Chhap-chhap-chhap-chhap

काटली कन ? खर्स खर्स खर्स खर्स How will you cut? Khars-khars-khars

पकैली कन? छ्याँ -म्यां How will you cook? Chhyan-myaan-

खैली कन ? कुर-मुर - कुर मुर How will you eat? Kur-mur, kur-mur

तैबरी एक आयो कुत्ता In the mean time, came the dog

बिराळी भाजण बैठी सुरक सुरक Cat ran away silently

मै माछा मारणो जान्दो I’m going for fishing

(स्सभार : डा. नन्द किशोर ढौंडियाल, डा मनोरमा ढौंडियाल, गढ़वाली लोक बालगीत )

The above song is played as a drama by children. The children perform the acts of cat, fish and even they perform all the acts of cat cited in the above song. The above Garhwali folk song is agreat way to open the possibility of children learning various acts of life, learning the music, and learning language too. The game song is capable for improving self control among children.The children also come to know the meaning of command and following up system in the society. The children come to know about the behaviour of two animals. The children come to know about effects of sound in poetry too. Since the song is sung in groups, the children become consciousness of a society.

Negro Children game folk songs

Scarborogh and Gulledge provided many Negro children folk songs related to games as circle game in their book ‘On the Trail of Negro Folk Songs’ as the following:

Frog in the middle

And can’t get out

Take a stick

And punch him out

Senoga Zake (1986) details of children game songs of Kenya in the book’ folk Music of Kenya’.

Folk game songs of Tobago

Texas university press (1972) lists many Tobago’s folk game songs in ‘ folk songs and folk games in Charlotteville…’

Children games Songs of Spain

There are many songs related to children games in the book ‘ Spanish Children’s songs’ by Isabel Radin.

Children game songs in England, Scotland and Ireland

Lady Gomme (1894) provided details of many folk songs related to children games of England, Scotland, and Ireland in her book ‘Traditional games of England, Scotland and Ireland’.

Children Game songs of America

Newell (1903) provided the data of children songs related to children games in the book ‘ Games and songs of American Children’.

Richard ’Chase and Hilton Rufty provided full details including musical notes of many children game songs in their book ‘ Singing Games and playparty games’

Children game songs of India

‘The Encyclopedia of Indian Literature ‘ by Amresh data (2006) details many Indian children songs related to games .

Th e above books are just a glimpse that in each society, there are folk songs of children game which are essential part of children development

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