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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Review of Uttarakhandi Periodicals-3

A Collector’s Special Issue of Shailvani Kotdwara,2009
Bhishma Kukreti

A famous weekly published from Kotdwara, Pauri Garhwali , Shailvani publishes an annual special issue every year. The weekly dedicated this year issue to “ Developmental issues of Uttarakhand” . The author congratulates the Editor Prem Balodi and his team members Arvind Singh Bisht, Kusum Lata Gusain (Mumbai), R.S Negi( Mumbai), Sarswati Kukreti (New Mumbai), Rakesh M Sundariyal (Mumbai), J.P Dhashmana (Pauri), Rishi Kandwal ( Haridwar) and ganesh bansal (Kotdwara) for binging 112 page issue.

Most of the articles are related to developmental issues and are well researched issues.
Editorial : Prem Balodi explained the role, importance and responsibilties of regional periodicals.

Uttarakhand ke Jal Srotra and unka Dohan: Renowned scholar, Dr K.P Juyal explained in simple words about watersheds , the reasons behind low under ground water capacity in Uttarakhand, He tells the application and implementing strategies for water harvesting and renewal of dried water sources .

Urja ke Vicidh Roop avam Uttarakhand ke Arthik Vikash men : Retired engineer Narayan Singh Bisht explicates the available energy sources and newer opportunities for new energy sources. He informs with data about the strategies for hydro electrical energy resources and their development in Uttarakhand .

Pahadon men Audyogik Vikash aur Karyaparak Shiksha :The learned education specialist Dr Prem lal Bhatt stresses on the importance, concerns, applying methodologies of appropriate and positive education and training for initiation, sustaining, and development of self reliance industries in rural Uttarakhand .

Uttarakhand ki Murtikala men Audyogik Niyojan ka Praroop: The legendary historian and archeologist of Uttarakhand Dr Yashvant Katoch enlightens us about the importance of sculpture art , the customs of sculpture art in Uttarakhand , art centers in Uttarakhand, temples or devalaya of Uttarakhand, raw materials and sources of sculpture industry, strategies and planning of sculpture industry in Uttarakhand, traing, training institutions , museums and the marketing strategies and tactics for sculpture business.

Uttarakhand ki Bhu Sampada avam Prakritik Sansadhanon ki Samuchit Upyogita ki Avasyakata: The honored educationist Dr S P Badola suggests in details about the present status about negative exploiting features of natural resources in rural Uttarakhand and the devices of positive management and utilization of forest animals, forest produces, the ways and means from protection from wild animals, the policies and profit making approaches for farm lands of rural Uttarakhand.
Pauri Garhwal men Paryatan Udyog Vikash ke Sambahawanayen : Bhishma Kukreti explains that Pauri Garhwal is and Pithora Garh districts are the least developed districts of Uttarakhand in terms of external tourism .he provides the logical reasons for new thinking in developing tourisms in these two districts by presenting the example of Pauri Garhwali . He detailed the development of forest tourism, water based tourist attractions , agro tourism, religious places, sports, service industry based tourism as opening of technical schools etc in Pauri Garhwal.

Arthik Vikash ka Dridh Stambh: The veterinary expert Dr Nand Kishore Khanduri tries to explain important aspects of development in rural Uttarakhand . However, the author feels that he confuses the readers and the article is unfocused in terms of subject.

Sidhpeeth : Sukhrau Mandir : Sidhbali Hanuman Temple is major tourist’s attraction. By explaining, about the importance and management of Sukrau mandir, pratap Singh Bisht is successful to inform the readers for visiting this temple in their visit to Kotdwara.

Arthik Drishti se Himalayi Paryavaran hetu Vanon aur Ausadhi Padapon ka Mahatva: The famous homeopathy physician and writer Dr Chandra Mohan Barhthwal showed the importance of plants, ecology and preservation of forests and forest management in true development of Uttarakhand

Hamare Prachin Enginneers: History and heritage provide the self esteem enhancement . Rishi Kandwal provided our mythological and real engineers of India as great architect and planner Vishwakarma, Bridge makers Nal-Neel, Viman abhiyanta Bharadwaj Rishi, astronomic Nishkar sage, great astronomer Vishvamitra, civil engineer May Danav, agro-engineer Ghagh . This article is very interesting and informative.

Nyaya ke Devta ‘Golu Dev’: Most of the place or nation branding expert state that the strong judiciary system is utmost necessary in industrialization and making the place famous . Detailing about ‘Golu Dev’ in Almoda, , Rachana Balodi stresses on the need of strong judiciary system for the development in Uttarakhand .

Mahila Sakhsarata avam Vikash: Dr Renu Gautam of H N Bahuguna Garhwal University make a strong point that without women empowerment, we should not dream complete development in UK . The erudite scholar Gautam cautions us about importance of women education for women empowerment in Uttarakhand and proves her case with statistics .

Sarva Shikhsha Abhiyan tatha Uttarakhand Rajya : Professor Arun Mishra pleads for 100 percent education in the state for multidirectional progress.

Bharat nen Samajik Vaniki : Forest resource management is one of the essential and central aspects of evolutions in Uttarakhand . Dr Saudhav Singh Rautela makes us understand the key role of social forestry in bringing royalty in Utarakhand .
Badhati Jansankhya and Ghatta Paryavaran: Dr Arun Bahuguna of H N B G University explicates about consequences of family planning in absolute development and environment purity.

Stories, Poems and other Articles
There are stories of Dr Khyat Singh Chauhan, Dr Asha Rawat , Saroj Negi, Kaishalya Jakhmola, , poems of Kusum Lata Gusain, Jagdish Devrani, Ved Prakash Maheshwari, Kailash Bahukhandi, Bhuwan Goswami, Renuka, bachan Singh Rawat, Arvind Bisht, Veena Vashishtha, Janki Prasad Dhasmana, Dr Suresh Ravadi, hem Chandra Kukreti, Dr Prasant and articles of Dr dinesh Balooni, Kamal Vidyarthi and Dinesh Kukreti

The printing and editorial show the hard work of Prem Balodi and his devotion in regional journalism .The special issue of Shailvani is appreciable and is not commendable but a collector edition too.

Adress :
Devi Road, Shitavpur
Pauri garhwal, Uttarakhand
Phone -Prem Balodi 01382, 223631

Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai, 2009