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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Late Jiwan Singh Bisht: The First Kumauni Feature Film Producer

Review of Development of Garhwali-Kumauni (Uttarakhandi) Films, Music Albums, Documentary films -27
                                                Bhishma Kukreti
                   Whenever, there will be discussion of film, history will always remember Jiwan Singh Bisht. Jiwan Singh Bisht produced first ever Kumauni language feature film Megha A.
   Jiwan Singh Bisht was born in village Lwali, Salan Patti, Almora of Uttarakhand in 1950.  His father was in Indian army and wanted that Jiwan join the army. Jiwan Singh Bisht had other plan. Young Jiwan was interested in theatre in his college time. His father never wanted Jiwan to join theatre and Jiwan joined State Bank of India after graduation.
  When this author asked Jiwan Singh about his entry into Kumauni film production Jiwan Singh Bisht disclosed that he was inspired by Garhwali feature films as Jagwal, Ghar Javain. One day, he read that the language lovers of Tulu a regional language of Karnataka produced film in Tulu too. Bisht became eager to produce Kumauni feature film.
  Jiwan Singh started to conceptualize the film. He met friends as Rajendra Bora who wrote story on the concept of Jiwan Singh. Sheel Chaudhary (a Haryanvi and Hindi film activist) wrote the script in Hindi. This author was surprised to know that the script was written in Hindi. Bisht explained that it is difficult for average artist to read Kumauni or Garhwali script. Therefore the script was written in Hindi and given to the artist to understand well. At the time of shooting, the Kumauni dialogues were handed over to artist.
  The story is about the grandfather insisting his grandson for joining army (though old man lost his son in war). The film deals the subject of worsening position of hills due to migration very effectively.  The leading male character of first Kumauni feature film is Kumauni and female leading charter is Garhwali.

   Kaka Sharma (non Kumauni) was director for the first Kumauni feature film ’Megha A’. Kumauni music expert Hem Singh (resides in Lucknow) was the music director of first Kumauni feature film ‘Megha A’. Jiwan Singh Bisht himself wrote lyrics for first Kumauni feature film Megha A’.
     The first Kumauni feature film ‘Megha A’ was first released in Ranikhet in 1987 and later on various cities of Uttarakhand. The response was overwhelming where ever the film was released. Bisht confesses that film did good business. However, Jiwan Singh Bisht did not get back his investment due to middlemen.
  Jiwan Singh did not produce another Kumauni film because he says that Phadis are not wealthy that they could invest in loss making adventure. Bisht has written poetries, tens of stories and novels. After producing first Kumauni feature film, Jiwan Singh produced telefilms, documentary films for Doordarshan and documentary films for other government departments.
   Recently Jiwan Singh produced a religious VCD Hindi film based on the story of Goril /Gwill deity. He is waiting to distribute it very soon.
    Jiwan Singh Bisht says that the biggest hassles for regional films as Kumauni or Garhwali feature or VCD films is the problem of distribution. Till the problem of distribution is solved Bisht does not see great future for regional films as Kumauni or Garhwali films.
   Jiwan Singh Bisht is happy family man. His three daughters are married and son is well settled in Delhi. Jiwan Singh lives in Delhi.
  The history will remember Jiwan Singh Bisht for his initiative for producing firs t ever Kumauni feature film.
Reference: Bhishma Kukreti, 2013, उत्तराखंडी फिल्मों का संक्षिप्त इतिहास
[Based on Telephonic Talk had with Mr. Jiwan Singh Bisht 09310233343]

Copyright@   Bhishma Kukreti 22/3/2013

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