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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna : The Sun Of Garhwali literature

Garhwali literature-19
Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna : The Sun Of Garhwali literature
Bhishma Kukreti
(This article is devoted to late Shrimati Sarju Devi Nautiyal Bahuguna wife of A B Bhauhguan . She had been the pillar as solid support and inspirational source for his becoming Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna --the SUN of Garhwali literature. The author was fortunate to to get her inspiring company for two days in Mumbai and one day in Delhi)
To write about Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna is not easy in short. He has written so much in Garhwali that Hemwati Nanadan Bahuguna Garhwal University published a tribute of 128 pages to describe great Garhwali language creative and the author can say that 128 pages are still lacking to detailing him .
Abodh bandhu Bahuguna writes about him in Garhwali
Unnis sau chaurasi vikram gram jahal chalansyun
Asad ki sangrand misread ji ka ghar ayun
Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna was born on 15th June 1927 in Jhala village of Chalaansyun , Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand . His father’s name was Khimanand and mother’s name was Bindra Devi Thapliyal Bahuguan . His wife Sarju Devi is the daughter of famous pundit Bhaj Ram Nutiyal of Sumadi . He expired in 2004 in Janakpuri, New Delhi, leaving behind his wife, his son Ardhendhu , three married daughters and grand children
He got his high school and secondary education from Pauri city- Garhwal, passed graduation and passed M.A in two subjects ( Hindi and Political Science ) from Nagpur University.
The expert of every branch of Garhwali literature
Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna has written literature in every segment of literature including jokes. The author has already expressed his views that to describe his literature we require book and not article. Therefore, , the author will provide the names of book in this article to tell readers about his contribution in Garhwali literature:

Abodh Bandhu Augean (1927-2003)
Bhumyal : Bhumyal is a first mahakavya (epic) of Garhwali language
Tidka: Is a collection of his satirist and humorous poems
Ran Mandan: the poems are of chivalry raptures with full of patriotism and inspiring ones
Parvati : there are 100 Garhwali rhymes in this marvelous collection of poems . Uttar Pradesh government awarded this collection of poetries
Ghol: Bahuguna is also credited to bring modernism in Garhwali poetic field. Here are his atukant (without rhyme) poems
Daisat: He was stern supporter of separate Uttarakhand and these poems are exposure of suppression of administration on the movement .
Kankhila: Abodh bandhu says that the poems of this volume are the extract of his won experiences of life
Shailodaya: The collection of conventional ad experimental Garhwali poems
Poetries for Children
Ankh-Pankh: is the poems for children and was awarded by Uttar Pradesh government
Mai Ko Lal: This play is about the non-violence movement of Shridev Suman
Chakrachal: The are twelve prose and four Geet-natika
His famous drama is on the heroism of brave personality of our past Bhad madhosingh Bhandari and his sacrifice for Maletha Canal .
1-Katha Kumud : collection of short stories
2-Ragdwat : These are the collection of modern styles of stories with lot of experimentations
Bhugtyun Bhavishya : This novel is based on the struggle of Garhwali in migration after independent
Garhwali Vyakaran ki Roop Rekha : The introduction of Garhwali language grammar
On Folk Literature
1-Dhunyal : In Dhunyal, there are famous Garhwali folk song and a long introductory write up about folk songs of Garhwal
2-Katha ghuli Kuthghali: he published famous folk stories of Garhwal in gad myatiki Ganga
3-Lnagadi Bakari (Hindi ) : there are collection of famous Garhwali folk stories and he also wrote long commentary on Garhwali folk stories, which is a treasurer for Garhwali folk literature
History and Critic of Garhwali literature
1-Gad Myateki Ganga : In his editorial book he wrote history and progress of Garhwali prose from 8th century till 1975. He wrote about the contribution style, subject about each Garhwali prose writer and provide us the details of periodicals which became the instruments for progress of Garhwali prose
2-Shailvani: In this volume, Bahuguna takes us on the rout of history of Garhwali poems and the readers become surprised to know about the detailing by Bahuguna and can not be without saluting Bahuguna for his industrious research work
Travelogue, Memoir and Discussion
Ek Kaunli Kiran: This prose a collection of his memoirs, miscellaneous articles , travel experiences, and discussion with Bhishma kukreti. The discussion and interview with Bhishma Kukreti open many unknown aspects of Garhwali society and Garhwali literature . He called this hot and long discussion between him and Bhishma Kukreti as gem of Garhwali literature.
Introduction and Commentary on books
He has written commentary and introduction of books of many Garhwali writers as in Gathwani Gaun batin (a collection of poems of various Garhwali poets .)
Awards and facilitations
Lok Bharati Nagrik Samman in Gauchar Chamoli in 1979
Jaishri Samman by Garhwali Bhasha parishad Dehradun in 1984
Facilitation by Garhwali Bhasa Sangam of Tihri in 1988
Gadhratna award by Garhwal Bhratri Mandal Mumbai in 1991
Award by Garhwal Sarva hitaisani Sabah Delhi in 1999
Awarded by Jaimini Academy Panipat in 2ooo
Awarded by Surabhi Sanskriti Samiti Madhya Pradesh in 2001
Kavya Bhusan award by Bhartiya Sanskrit avam Sahitya Sansthan in 203
Uttar Pradesh Government awarded him thrice (1981, 1986 and 1989)
Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal university published 18 page tribute on his contribution in the name of Parvat Putra Abodh Bandhu Bahuguna
The above details of his published work make him “ The Sun of Garhwali Literature”
Copyright @ Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai, 2009