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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hindi Poetries by Gadhmaunis -2

Hindi Poetries by Gadhmaunis -2
Champawat- Kumaun in Hari Mridul’s Poetry
Bhishma Kukreti

Kumaun region of Uttarakhand state has gifted hundred of creative to Hindi literature . The gem of Kumaun, Shri Joshi ex-editor of famous hindi magazine of DharmaYug who initiated the uses of psychological treatments in Hindi stories. His way of narrating stories on the platform of psychology, spirituality and philosophy is marvelous piece of recounting the story in different style and format. In my childhood as early teen age , when it was difficult to digest the philosophy or psychology at that age , I could understand the stories of Joshi because of his blending Kumauniness or Pahadipan in his stories.

Who can forget Sumitra Nandan Pant one of the trio Suryakant Tripathi Nirala and Mahadvei Verma famous for ‘Chayabadi’ poetries in Hindi world. We may find Kumauniness in his each verse and in his line of poetry. Natural beauty of Kumaun hill was fundamental base for creating such marvelous verses by pant. Pant is also famous for poetry critic in Hindi . He wrote memorable commentary on critics of poetry in his introduction for Hindi poetry collection ‘Pallav’ .

Who does not know Shivani (Gaura Pandey, Pant ) for her constructing stories blended with culture, art, agriculture, eating habit habits, vibrancy, heavenly beauty, social structures, native knowledge, astrology knowledge, world of Kumauni women, and what not of Kumaun region in her internationally acclaimed stories. If there is no Kumaun in her story, it means it is not written by her but some body as ghost writer might have written for her.

P.C Joshi one of the first communist comrades of India used to deliver his speeches with full of proverbs of Kumaun (translated either in English or Hindi). It is said that his style of blending of ‘Kumaunipan’ into social issues was the main factors behind his popularity.

Himanshu Joshi, Batrohi, Shailani, and many more belong to Kumaun who immensely contributed for Hindi literature . All these writers could be famous story tellers just because they brought Kumaun in their each story. Kumaun and Kumaunipan was the soul of their each famous stories.

Hari Mridul Pandey born in Bagoti (Champawat district of Uttarakhand) in 1969, has also legacy of the above writer for blending Kumaunipan with the subject in his Hindi poetries.

Hari Mriul Pandy uses Kumauni symbols, sign, marks, proverbs (translated form), relationship, social bindings of Kumaun in his poetries and brings out the philosophical and spiritual synthesis of Kumaun in his poetries written for common men of metros.

He has written Hindi poems specific to the geography, flora and fauna, relationship of Kumaun .

Ama ki ankhen, nyauli, ghughti, panch tatwa ki kavita, kargil, bail, kali ganga, bubu, are spectacular pieces of Hindi poetry of international standard but in each poetry you may find Kumaun, relationship of Kurmanchal, Champawat, geography of Champawat, flora or faun of Kumaun, philosophy and folks of Kumaun or spirituality of Kurmanchal.

It seems that though Hari Mridul Pandey of living in Mumbai, he never forgets his village, his narrow of village Bagoti, contours of Champawat, vibrancy of Kali river, while conceiving, conceptualizing and creating verses .

Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti/April/2009/Mumbai