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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Garhwali Poet-17

Dr. Khyat Singh Chauhan
Bhishma Kukreti

Dr Khyat Singh Chauhan is famous for his book ,Beesaveen Sati Tak Ka Rikhani Khal”. This book is marvelous book in terms of detailing the historical, geographical and cultural arena of Rikhanikhal block of Pauri Garhwal.
However, Dr Chauhan also create Garhwali verses in many forms and styles . ‘bramh’, ‘twai tain shaheedana takdeer milin cha’, ‘ kutai’’Timala’, ‘madghat’ nad ‘kavita’ are his representative poems among hundred Garhwali poems created by Khyat Singh .

In the opinion of the author, ‘Timala‘ (The Fig fruit) is his best poem. The poem ‘Timala’ is spectacular piece of poem in Garhwali literature. By using Timala, the poet describes the geography, nature, culture, economics of a small Garhwali village in a few words and this make this poem one of the wonderful poems of Garhwali verses. He also exposes many forgotten Garhwali words through this poem:

jhadyan Timala dlatal, rag-rang baki bat
Bhinbhinat, chweenchat , kiklat, ramnat, chachlat
Katnai makha, mauna, chakhula, bakhara gor

He uses pure Garhwali symbols, images, common and understandable words in his all verses . His subject varies from philosophy to burning issue of Gujarat riots . Being a teacher, he does not leave preaching in his each poem. The author feels that many teaching poets of rural Garhwal do not leave this habit of preaching even in humorous poems.
Birth date: 1st October, 1944
Place: village, Andarson, Bichla Badalpur, Pauri Garhwal
Education: M A (Hindi), B. Ed, D Phil ( Sant Panap Das aur Unka Panth)
Writing: Published many articles, critics, poems, in local periodicals in Garhwali and Hindi. Regularly, relays his poems and though provoking akhyan through Akashvani
By profeession he was teacher and retired as Principle from Inter College Sanglakoti , Pauri Garhwal.
Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, June, 2009, Mumbai, India