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उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

उत्तराखंडी ई-पत्रिका

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

गढ़वाली बाजूबंद काव्य - 1 - Garhwali Bajuband Kavya -1 (Garhwali Love Poems )

Garhwali , Kumaoni , Himalayan Folk Songs

Comparison between Haiku and Bajuband a Garhwali folk poetry

(Characteristics of Haiku a Japanese poetry and Bajuband Poetry )

Bhishma Kukreti

Bajuband is one of the smallest form of poem in terms of lines, syllabus are concerned. There is a form of poem Haiku, which was a folk poetry of Japan. However, due to hard works of Japanese poets, this form of poetry has been adopted in many languages . Even Garhwali poets are experimenting by writing Garhwali poems in Haiku form.

Characteristics of Haiku

The poem form of Haiku comprises of 17 syllables and normally there are three lines I n Haiku.

There must be five syllables in first line, second line has seven and there will be five syllables in the third line.

Each haiku includes a season word that is ‘Kigo’ and Kigo specifies in which the haiku poem is set. In haiku, season is not that much important as the cutting or division between two contrasting parts. The English Haiku creators use dash or colon to designates the division of cutting.

The example of an English Haiku is as under created by Sunil Uniyal ( Ref-1)-

the Olympic torch-relay ~
in a road-jam
A Garhwali poet Virendra Panwar created Haiku poem in Garhwali as -

Badal raini

Dar ka birdyan

Bathon banee si

बादल रैनी
डार का बिर्दयाँ
बथौं बानी सी

Characteristics of Bajuband poem

The Garhwali Bajuband poem is couplet. The first part is meaningless but is necessary for making poem poetic and care is taken in choosing the words that the whole poem becomes rhyme or melodious. The second part has five to seven words only, having real meaning of the poem and these five or seven words make the main point of the Bajuband poem. Example :

Laguli ka mod---pathli kamar tuti jali ko lagalu जोड़

लगुली को मोड़ --पथली कमर टूटी जाली को लगालो जोड़

‘Laguli ka mod’ part is meaningless for the poem and seven words ( Pathli kamar tuti jali ko lagalo jod) of second part is having complete meaning of the poem.
The meaning of last part of poetry is that the waist of lover or a girl is so delicate that if it is broken who will rejoin the broken waist (No body would be able to rejoin ) .

Both the forms of poem are marvelous pieces of poetic forms and Bajuband and Haiku forms have their own significances in world poetry . Both the poetic forms I.e. Haiku and Bajuband are marvelous piece of invention by the mankind and we should continue advancement of such kinds of poetic forms.

1- Uniyal, Sunil , 2009, The Olympic Torch - A Haiku,


2-Panwar Virendra, 2004,Inma Kankwaki aan vasant, Dhad Prakashan, India (pp 33-34

Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai, India, 2009