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History Analysis: Missing of Mola Ram/Maula Ram Manuscripts

History Discussion on Gurkha/Gorkha Administration in Garhwal -2

History of Gorkha /Nepal Rule over Kumaun, Garhwal and Himachal (1790-1815) -67
   History of Uttarakhand (Garhwal, Kumaon and Haridwar) -586

                        By: Bhishma Kukreti (A History Research Student)

                Maularam/ Mola Ram was a poet, painter and historian who penned down three rules – Shah Rule, Gurkha/Gorkha Rule and British Rule on Garhwal and about other contemporary personalities. Dr Dabral referred Mola Ram /Maula Ram Gorkha and last Shah Period history, Gurkha and early British Rule abundantly. Dr S.P Dabral and his son Dr Vinay Dabral also did research on and edited his book Garhrajvanshkavya and published in 1977. Learned History scholar Dr Ajay Rawat published Ganika Natika or Garh Gita in 1975.
In a note on Internet (Third Inning) , Dr Tolia mentioned that Dr Dwarika Prasad met  Dr Dwarika Prasad Tomar descendent of Mola Ram/Maula Ram and had an opportunity  see the following  texts–
Mola Ram /Maula Ram Granthvali
Chaturmas Shringar Varnan
Uttarakhand Teerth Mahatamaya
Samudrik Bhasha Gyan
Baramasi Varnan
Manmanth Panth
Manmanth Panth Nirman
Manmanth sagar
Gyanmrit Kavya
IShwar Mahima
 His book Garhrajvanshkavya and Ranbahadurchandrika m, Shamsherjangchandrika offer many insights about Garhwal History.
                   However, Dr Dabral informed that a few or six manuscripts of Mola Ram /Maula Ram are missing. Dr Dabral visited a scholar Budhi Vallabh Thapliyal for Mola Ram /Maula Ram manuscripts. Budhi Vallabh Thapliya got seven poetic Moa Ram /Maula Ram manuscripts including Manmantha Sagar from Baijnath Tomar, Shrinagar the grandson of Mola Ram /Maula Ram in1947. In 1948, Thaplaiyal exhibited those manuscripts in Pauri City. The poetries were written on Pahadi Kagaj (Hill Paper) and black ink. On 7th May 1972, Thapliyal informed Dr Dabral that since, there were some mistakes (spelling point of view) in manuscripts, Thapliyal handed over the manuscript to Gairola an Archeological Chemist of Archeological Department. Thapliyal wanted to check the authenticity of age of ink and paper. Gairola informed to Thapliyal that a person took those manuscripts. When Dr Dabral published Gurkhyani (Uttarakhand ka Itihas -5) , Gairola shifted to Bangkok.  
 There was historical account of Garhwal in Manmanthsagar.
Dr Dabral again offer another important information that When Gurkha/Gorkha commander Kaji Bakhtawar Singh Basnyat reached to Shrinagar in 1810, he met Mola Ram /Maula Ram. Basnyat heard the un- bias historic accounts in poetic form from Mola Ram/ Maula Ram. Basnyat was pleased and he offered gifts to Maula Ram / Mola Ram. Dr Dabral mentioned that Mola Ram /Maula Ram created a long poetry as ‘Bakhtawar –Yes-Chandrika’ and there were accounts about Gorkha Rule history in Garhwal.
                 Miscellaneous Sources of getting information for Gurkha/Gorkha Rule in Garhwal
Travelogues – Many tourists as Captain Ripper, Lieutenant Veb, Captain Hiyarse, Colebrook, Moorcroft,   Rutherford, Hansson etc travelled various parts of Garhwal in Gurkha or in Britihs period and offered historical information.
   Historians get information from various archeological museums and history museums too.

** History, Gurkha/Gorkha Administration in Garhwal...Remaining part, read in next chapter
*** History of Gorkha/Gurkha /Nepal Rule over Kumaun, Garhwal and Himachal (1790-1815) to be continued -67

Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti Mumbai, India, bckukreti@gmail.com19/3//2015
History of Garhwal – Kumaon-Haridwar (Uttarakhand, India) to be continued… Part -587
(The History of Garhwal, Kumaon, Haridwar write up is aimed for general readers)

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Nepal Itihas, Garhwal Itihas, Kumaon Itihas, Himachal Itihas; Gurkha/Gorkha ks kumson psr Adhikar Itihas , Gurkha/Gorkha Garhwal par Shasan Itihas;  Gurkha/Gorkha Rule in Kumaon, Garhwal Uttarakhand; History Gurkha/Gorkha  Rule in Himachal, Uttarakhand;कुमाऊं उत्तराखंड काइतिहास गढ़वाल उत्तराखंड का इतिहास डोटी पूर्व उत्तराखंड का इतिहास;गोरखाओं /गुर्खाओं का कुमाऊं पर अधिकार इतिहास गोरखाओं /गुर्खाओं कागढ़वाल पर अधिकार इतिहास गोरखाओं /गुर्खाओं का हिमाचल पर अधिकारइतिहास गोरखाओं /गुर्खाओं का  इतिहास नेपाल इतिहास
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